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Is Yoga a Religion?

"Yoga is a worshiping God." ... "Yoga is connecting to a higher being/ consciousness."

Is it ???

What is yoga? What is fundamentally yoga? I came across the topic of yoga being a religion? Can you still practice yoga if you already have a faith? A while back I was asked by @be_real_yoga "yoga means unification with God. When somebody says I'm gonna teach yoga, is it something that they actually MEAN?"

So, I thought I would share my view of what yoga is….dedicate a poem and blog post to it.


Popular and on the scene

Compatible to all

Sports, hobbies

And well being

But too scared to try it

Not flexible enough

Not my thing.

Chanting, ohmming

Stretching, breathing


They’re so many types

Which one is for me?



Hot or Vin

Hatha or Yin Isn't it all, just yoga?



It's movement with breath.

However fast or slow,

Holding for 5 counts

Or moving from flow to flow

Isn't it a religion?

Saluting the sun or something

Or is it worshipping yourself

All this mindfulness

Self love, self care

Self inquiry, self aware

Yoga is personal,

So I can't speak for all.

It is a self practice

An inquiry to the self

It’s taking the time,

To listen

To observe

To slow down

And, reserve.

Recharge reset relaaaxxx Binding, folding

Upside down holding


About your body, physically

Mentally and emotionally.

Listening Be present to hear

Be kind to not judge,

Be grateful to be happy

Let go, not holding a grudge. Learn to be gentle

Learn to slow down.

Take your time.

Be patient.

Practice, and all will come. Be in the now

Mindful and present. Learn to be with yourself,

Comfortably, mindfully

And most importantly,

Peacefully and gratefully.

Yoga for me, isn't the union with God. (I don't believe in God, I guess I do believe there is something of a higher being/consciousness). I respect and loved my authentic traditional yoga training and don’t disregard any of its teaching. However for me as an instructor, passing on what I resonate with is all about is listening to yourself. Practicing self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-love and self-care both on and off the mat. For me, it isn't worshiping a god, chanting, prayers, teaching in Sanskrit. It is about, creating a platform for people to access the teachings of yoga for what it fundamentally is. (I still personally practice, indulge and have alot respect for this part of yoga.)

Yoga is a personal practice in which self inquiry leads to self-acceptance, self-love, self-compassion and self-care. It is taking time to "recharge", so that we can give to others from a place of genuine kindness and love. (#cantpourfromanemptycup) Personally, for me yoga is a practice to free oneself from overwhelming thoughts, emotions, daily schedules, to do lists, to zone out. The aim is freedom; to let go of what doesn’t serve us anymore. It is a practice to liberate, create space, to let go. Cultivating space, so that we can be ourselves, be our best self – to serve and interact with others as a social species; yoga instructor, student, sister, brother daughter, son, friend, partner, mummy, wife, husband, dad, stranger…

So...Is yoga a practice to worship a God? In all honesty, yoga is a personal practice so it is what you want it to be. If that means you connect to a higher consciousness, then yes! If it is just ‘stretching on a mat’, then yes! If it’s a place to de-stress, a moment to yourself, then also yes! Any worshiping that is involved in my practice or class is worshiping oneself. Check in physically, mentally and emotionally – whatever you feel presently, accept it and allow yourself to be with it. It is a personal practice and a practice to get to know yourself mindfully and gratefully.

Do You, Do Yoga. Do what feels most authentic to you.


To join me for a yoga class:

I am teaching a one-off yoga event with @Vflowemma, tomorrow at Ziferblat Edge St. for Manchester4Water.

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Tuesday| Hatha | 18:30 | Ziferblat Edge St

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