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TIY Accredited!

Yay I passed and I am now Trauma Informed Yoga (TIY) Qualified!

TIY course with Trauma Therapy Manchester was an experiential, integrative, enriching course where learning is stripping back what I thought I knew, to take a real look at myself - who I am, what it is to be me, how I live my life and to become a witness of my relationship with myself and with others. I feel an embodied version of what it is to be trauma informed. This course has allowed me to start to be more curious, compassionate, heal, aware and understand my triggers; to hold space for me which allows me to hold space for others. It has been a journey (an overwhelming one, noticing my tendency to oversubscribe and 'keep busy'. I remind myself, I am always learning)

One of the tutors shared her wisdom that resonated strongly (something like): "We are stripped back to see ourselves, to become the witness and that is what trauma informed is. When we see our trauma, hold space for it we can then meet others where they are. "


This course has validated something I felt I was already in tune with and now it has words, content, meaning, purpose and an accreditation to it!

So What Now?

  • I am SO thankful for the practices and theories that were taught and shared during the course.

  • I am looking forward to the opportunities and spaces I will hold with this accreditation! (Some in planning!👀)

  • Share the work and practices: Understanding the value in grounding practices, offering a space to find safety in the body (as I want to feel safe in my body and wish for other to feel the same).

A HUGE THANK YOU for such a enriching, deep, self journey and those who funded me to make this happen!!! It has been a honour to be part of this journey with my support network, mentors & cohort, where I always always felt heard and validated. Thank you 💜🙏

This experience has really opened my perspective on many parts of my life! If you are interested in TIY practices, please get in touch - 💜🙏


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