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Begin Again (Again)

Happy New Year 🏮❤️🧧

新年快乐!! 🐰🧧🐰

Gong Hey Fat Choi ❤️❤️❤️

For me, I've felt I've been slow to kick start this year.... and reading about the Yin Water year of the Rabbit... made me reflect on how I am trying to find more inner balance; find space for more yin energy in my life.

I was reading that this Year of the Yin Water Rabbit ☯️🌊🐰...

🐰 Promises a gentler energy (after a turbulent Year of Tiger - last year)

🐰Its a year of taking stock of our intentions and making plans for balanced and harmonious future

🐰Time for healing and regaining inner balance

🐰 An opportunity to look inwards, learn from past experiences - an intuitive awakening

🐰Rabbit energy will support us in transcending our issues with compassion

🐰 Rabbit energy will enable us to work smarter not harder, finding time for more yin, allowing time for self care and work- life-family balance. Encouraging family and togetherness.

Whether you believe in astrology/ zodiacs or not... I think it quite nice to have to believe in something positive, reframe our beliefs with good intentions.

"Fear is a belief that something awful might happen, while faith is a belief that something good will happen. Although the results are different, the causes are the same - both are beliefs that govern our behaviours and influence the way we feel" - Anodea Judith

I always like that I get a 2nd new year, a symbol (even though I know we can restart at anytime) and chance to begin again!

May 2023, be a year to welcome in more yin, an opportunity of healing and rejuvenation of all kinds, a chance to transcend our stuck patterns to step into an intuitive awakening 💜🙏✨

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