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1-2-1 Private Sessions

Group Yoga Classes

"Very good atmosphere, adapted the yoga moves to my very inflexible shoulders and hamstrings, felt very limber and relaxed afterwards. Clearly knows her stuff and led the class cooly and confidently."

David Eriksen

"What an amazing class today Rosanne it was a real treat ... for me it was so spiritual! All the lovely things we did really awaken the spine and that is the centre of our mobility isn’t it. Because your delivery is so calm and trustworthy I am able to close my eyes and connect to spirit, so I have left the class in terms of the people around me but I am tuned in to you and your instruction and my third eye is wide and seeing colours. It’s so lovely to go within. Thank you, you lovely human"


"I hadn't done yoga for many months - and never online - but decided to give Roseanne's evening class a go. She is friendly and knowledgeable and I felt thoroughly relaxed mentally & physically afterwards. I gained a good night's sleep and clarity the next day and I was pleasantly surprised how effective an online lesson can be. Definitely recommended!"

Papri S

"I've been to many yoga classes before but Rosanne's classes are quite special. She manages to make you feel comfortable and welcome and pays attention to the individual. Great for self-nurture & restoration."

Gouri Laher

Rosa has taught me yoga for 2 years and is the best yoga teacher I have ever had!! She’s so full of energy and extremely kind and makes yoga really fun! If you’re not sure of any poses she will explain them to you really easily and will involve you in her classes if there is a specific area you would like to work on. 10/10 would recommend her to anyone!

Emma B

"Rosanne leads Asana and meditation practice with clarity and skill beyond her years. With a knowledge of both eastern and western anatomy she guides you through a wonderful practice which will leave you with a yummy sense of connectivity and oneness. Not to be missed!"

Kate Tittley

I feel so grateful for today's morning lesson. I felt so peaceful after the end of the lesson. I don't remember the last time I felt so peaceful. I felt that it helped me dive deeper into myself. Thank you again for the great lesson!

Alex C

"I attended singing bowls meditation with Rosanne. I LOVED the way she used the bowls and explained how they help meditation. Everyone shared their experiences after the class. She creates a safe and friendly space for you to explore your practice. Would recommend."

Julia Evans

The best thing about Rosanne's online classes is Rosanne. She is very passionate and knowledgeable about all things yoga and I look forward to joining the next class every week! Rosanne provides variations on almost every pose/position so there is always a suitable option for your own personal experience/level of challenge. Also, Rosanne provides useful hints and tips throughout her classes to make sure you're in a good position as well as providing prompts on breathing technique and rhythm. Overall I would thoroughly recommend Rosanne's classes for anyone who is looking for an enjoyable, relaxing and nourishing yoga class!

Callum Maloney

I look forward to Rosanne's singing bowl meditation sessions every time, and after each, I already can't wait for the next one! It's literally like a massage for your mind and brain. It's so so calming and immediately enables me to switch off my thoughts, breathe deeper and release any tension in my body to relax. Sound quality is surprisingly good on Zoom, you can still hear each delicate yet powerful note/sounds.

Thank you for these classes, being able to attend your sessions and continue practice at home has been so important and I look forward to them every week.


One of the best things to come out of lockdown for me is access to Rosanne's yoga classes from my own home!! The move to online has meant I can actually attend every week, without making excuses for myself. I have no worries about the journey there and back or parking faff. I don't even have to think about workout clothes (I often do online yoga in my pj's). Best part is I feel much more relaxed in my own home, not self conscious about getting movements right or if my breathing is too loud etc which has left me space to work on my yoga practice more mindfully. The yin and relaxation yoga leaves me feeling so relaxed and sleeping soo soundly after. The hatha flow yoga has given me the most improvement to body muscle and strength that I've ever seen. I feel much more toned and healthy and with a new appreciation for my body. Also, after the hatha workout I can go straight to the kitchen and refuel. Rosanne has built a supportive and comfortable online environment. I would highly recommend getting involved! The classes are always the highlight of my week!


Rosanne holds space for everyone who attends her classes online has created a great sense of community, and joining her virtual space is so enjoyable and welcoming! She creates such a calm and sacred environment, where I feel safe enough to surrender to meditation and mindful practice. With Rosanne’s encouragement, and detailed guidance, I have been able to try out new yoga positions while being mindful that it doesn’t have to be perfect and I can just have fun with it! Rosanne approaches her practice, and those who attend her classes, from a trauma-informed perspective, and is always mindful that we may be extremely self-critical of our abilities. Personally, I really appreciate this approach, as it shows Rosanne really understands how difficult it can be to quieten our inner-critic. With gentle reminders during practice, Rosanne has made it possible for me to understand how to work with my inner-critic and be more accepting of my practice. In the past, I have struggled with meditation due to rushing thoughts and a busy mind. However, Rosanne’s singing bowl meditation changed everything for me! The singing bowls bring another element to the practice; the beautiful, calming sounds ground me, and guide me to a place of being able to release. After practising singing bowl meditation with Rosanne, I feel a sense of renewed, expansive energy. I look forward to Rosanne’s classes as they are a highlight of my week, and a true blessing to be a part of!


I do yoga to help me relax, to step out of my day and to step back into it clear headed. I also do it to built flexibility and ease aching muscles. 

I very much enjoy Rosanne’s classes because they are calm. She gives very clear guidance and there is always variety. She responds to individual needs and engages people. It’s clear that she cares about her classes and is passionate about yoga and it’s benefits.

In summary, I really benefit both mentally and physically! 

Rachel H.