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About Me

Hello! My name is Rosanne and as you can imagine yoga is a passion of mine; its a way of life.

It stems from the curiosity of understanding myself more, a passion of finding peace to be my authentic self and for other to find this and feel good in themselves too; to build a healthy relationship with their mind, body and soul. 

In 2011, I started attending Ashtanga Yoga with Yogi Pete. I enjoyed the physical challenge, the discovery of my body’s capability in strength and flexibility; but what kept me dedicated was that it fully wiped me out for relaxation…peace in my busy mind! 

Upon my return to the UK, I sought after a more meditation/philosophy based class where I started to attend weekly classes with Hebe Reilly at the UoM Yoga society. This led me to my first yoga retreat, meditation, exploration of the mind and intellectual curiosity of understanding what the soul was.


Passionate about yoga and intrigued to learn more, I took a flight to India to study yoga philosophy with Sajee Santhi Yoga School. Inspired and curious about teaching yoga, I travelled further south to Kovalam, India where I trained at Padmakarma Yogashala. In April 2016 I became a fully qualified Hatha Yoga instructor.

The global pandemic hit us all, socially isolated and no where to go; I journeyed inwards. In 2020, curious and aligning to meet the right people at the right time I trained in Reiki. Exploring my own internal landscape; loving the wonderful and abstract wisdom that came from this (I come from a Science background - studied Chemistry).

One positive take away from the COVID pandemic was the social isolation that gave me the space to go inwards. It really helped me decide what it is I don't want to do anymore, what was burning me out and also (once taken away) what I absolutely must and LOVE to do! Learning my 'niche' or what it is that lights me up in this field of work - the connection with people, community, the safety to be in our lived, human, embodied experience, the journeying inwards, discovering what Self is, the interwoven knowledge from ancient yoga wisdom, psychology and scientific research, spiritual practices, exploring depths of knowledge that seem 'weird' and wonderful. This is what I love, packaged in a compassionate space in the form of a yoga practice! 

For me, yoga has allowed me a space to be curious of my mind and body without judgement, which created awareness and understanding of my mind, soul, emotional intelligence, energy, internal work that can be accessed through the body. Yoga hasn't just been a practice on the mat, but a process of translating it into my daily life too. Our bodies are the vehicles that carry us through our lives and understanding our bodies can lead to healthier lifestyles; emotionally, intellectually, mindfully and physically. Yoga practice may start on the mat, but the benefits follow us off the mat; in to our daily lives.

Currently, I am based in Manchester, UK. Registered with Yoga Alliance Professional 200 hr. Teaching classes all around South Manchester, varying from leisure centres, church communities, colleges, nurseries, offices, meditation classes, retreats, private 1-1 sessions and online classes. Further training in Tibetan Singing bowls, Yin Yoga, Reiki and Mindfulness, Trauma Sensitive Yoga. 

 Yoga has become a lifestyle choice, one of my greatest passions and my career path. Love, live and breathe yoga. I am inspired and learning everyday through my personal yoga practice, yoga classes, clients and meeting people from all walks of life. My intentions are to share the knowledge and benefits of yoga, (both on and off the mat) through my passion for mindfulness, self awareness and self compassion! My biggest hope for you is that within time you may be able to quieten down the inner critical voice so that you get to know all parts of you that make you -YOU (journey inwards to know your Self), approach fear with compassion and courage, so that you feel safe, present in your own body and have the freedom to be authentically yourself to live with compassion.

-- Rosanne --

Meditation Pose
Goh Yoga


Integrative Somatic IFS Parts Work - Level 1, The Embody Lab,

Online - August 2023

8 hr Integrative Somatic Parts Work Certificate Program with Fran D. Booth 


100 hr Accredited Trauma Informed Yoga (TIY), Trauma Therapy Manchester,

UK - April 2023

This 100 hr course, was an in-depth, experiential, practical approach to learning three phases of trauma recovery: stabilization, processing and integration. This training focused on experiential and integrating TIY skills. We received practical training in experiencing, designing and implementing trauma recovery plans, gaining knowledge of working alongside psychology and psychiatry, considering risk, safeguarding and and how to hold space for TIY sessions.

6.25 hr CPD Introduction to Internal Family Systems (IFS), IFS UK,

Online - May 2022

Introductory workshop to explore IFS concepts.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Manchester, Trauma Therapy Manchester, UK - March 2022

A 2-day intensive workshop gaining practical skills and a depth of clinical understanding in supporting people who are experiencing the effects of trauma and how to adapt sessions to make them trauma-sensitive. 

Reiki (Level 2) Certified, Manchester, Lalki Therapy, UK - Aug 2020

A therapeutic, in-depth 3-part course on the century-old therapy. Trained in Usui Reiki Mastery, facilitated by Lalki Therapy. Reiki is a powerful healing that works with energy, containing wisdom to embark on a self healing and learning journey. 

5 hours CPD Yin Yoga - London, UK - Nov 2017

An insightful Yin Yoga winter energy workshop with Nathalie Dubreu.


Tibetan Singing Bowls for Yoga Teachers - Manchester, UK - Jul 2016

A comprehensive workshop with Szilvia Gardian on Tibetan Singing Bowls. The course offered insights into how to incorporate them in to yoga classes, how they can affect the physical and subtle body, how to play the Singing Bowls and how to conduct a sound bath.

Padmakarma Yogashala - Kovalam, India - Apr 2016

Hatha Yoga 200 hours qualified, Yoga Alliance registered. (Diploma no. : 20160415) at Padmakarma Yogashala.

Santhi Global Yoga & Vedanta Studies - Kochi, India - Mar 2016

Sivananda Yoga and Vedanta Philosophy, completed 250 hours of training at Santhi Yoga.


Goh Yoga Affliated with Yoga Alliance Professionals
Yoga Alliance Professionals

Goh Yoga is a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals. This

accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance Professionals

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