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Practice with Rosanne


Rosanne offers practices to relax, holding a space to nourish in self care & 'Me Time'. She also teaches people how to cultivate a compassionate relationship with an embodied Self, through exploring calm and safety in the body. Practices are offered through a wholesome, spiritual, embodied, therapeutic approach; including Trauma Sensitive/Informed Yoga, Hatha & Yin Yoga, Reiki, meditation, journaling and sound healing.

Compassion, curiosity, presence, passion and authenticity are the qualities and pillars she both values to live by and explored in her offerings and practices. 

"I wish for everyone to find a path home to their bodies; to build a healthy relationship with their mind, body and soul; a wholesome connection to their authentic Self. I want to help people come back home to themselves, find the tools to approach fear with compassion and courage, anxiety with ease and clarity, scatteredness with calm and presence: To feel safe, ease in your own body and have the freedom to be authentically and compassionately yourself! " - Rosanne


Practice with Rosanne offers a space to journey back home to yourself. This space invites you to explore practice such as Yoga, Trauma Informed Yoga, Meditation, Reiki and Sound Healing.


Online Classes

Join our online community with classes online - Monday *, Tuesday,& Wednesday.

*Usually last Monday of month

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Trauma Informed Yoga

Embodied Healing with Goh Yoga is a place of healing, curiosity and presence.

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Events & Retreats

Join Rosanne in her latest collaboration to begin your journey back home to yourself and enhance your wellbeing today.


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"I take regular one to one Yoga sessions with Rosanne and have absolutely loved them. Being able to go through positions slowly and work on my technique without the distraction of a full class has been invaluable for my yoga development.

As well as her training and knowledge, Rosannes open and warm personality ensures every session is relaxed and fun: this is something that has definitely contributed to my steady progression. Thanks Rosanne"

—Mathew Hibbert

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