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30 Day Yoga Challenge & What I Learnt

Over December I really needed to slow down, tap more into relaxation, letting go of tension in mind and body - be more yin☯️

Soo I decided to do a 30 day Bedtime Yoga practice with Yoga with Kassandra (which was soooo reeeellaaaaxing - defo recommend!) and this is what I learnt! YAAY - I managed to complete 20/30 Days!

What I learnt:

✨How doing even as little as 15 min was sooo beneficial to a good nights sleep, my mental wellness, processing my thoughts and slooowing down! (my intention!)

✨That it's okay that I didn't do it everyday. I still felt the benefits of committing to a consistent and regular practice. My intention was to slow down and I felt the benefits! I felt more relaxed as I had a better night's sleep, slowed down into my evening and put time aside for myself- Quite happy that I completed 2/3rds 😁 That nearly the 80:20 rule 😂🙈

✨That I could make time for 15 mins, sometimes I chose to read instead or faff/doom scroll 😂 and that's okay as I chose to do something for myself for that allotted time.

✨Its important to incorporate something to wind down. Like adding bedtime yoga into my evening routine. It allowed me to process my thoughts/day and pack my day away ready for sleep and mentally prepare for the next day!

✨That 15 mins is about my max for attention span and that I could practice online with out the accountability of a teacher 😂

This yoga challenge inspired me to do more yin before bedtime, even if its just one pose while in bed. It also inspired me to share a yin practice with you! So I have created my own 10 mins for 10 days of Yin Yoga practice.

What can you learn or do for yourself in 10 mins a day for 10 days? 💜🥰

What evening routine could you create for yourself to set you up for a goodnight rest or a fresher start to the mornings?

Join me on this 10 day yoga practice! Coming soon!

Starts on 1st Feb 2023!


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