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I Blame The Moon

Firstly I AM LOVING THIS CUTE TOP by @shanti_shopuk 🥰

Secondly I really do blame the moon! 😮🌑🌕

I started Yoga therapy with @lucypyoga in April (Aries Season), I wanted to work on boundaries and taking up space (😮Wait. New Moon Aries to now recent Full Moon Aries! No wonder this full moon was a wallop of ALOT - learning, unpacking, fruition, clarity, purging, crying, things breaking, connection, alignment)

So 6 months later as I reflect on today's yoga therapy sesh...

💜I learnt how to nourish myself first and surrender to rest as opposed to achieving rest

💜Deepening awareness of my trauma patterns

💜Learning how to be aware of when a boundary was crossed and compassionately expressing boundaries

💜Realising that boundaries is the communication of how much I have capacity for, and how much others have capacity for.

💜Its okay if a boundary clashes and I don't have to give in.

💜It not my responsibility to fix everything

💜 It is my responsibility to express my boundary

💜Its my responsibility to continue to ask for help when I feel un-resourced, I don't have to do everything on my own

💜Because I rest, I feel more nourished. I feel less lost. I feel more connected, aligned and clarity.

💜 I feel able to make connections from a place of compassion and open up spaces for myself and others to be seen and heard

💜Easing my way into mantras, noticing why I have a block to languages - throat chakra block, linked to taking up space

💜I didn't realise that learning to take up space in yoga therapy would allow me to be seen, to be heard, and take deeper steps to outwardly accept my cultural heritage. Opening up to hold spaces for others of ESEA Heritage.

Taking up space back in April meant I wanted to my boundaries to be heard. Taking up space now means I don't want to hide my Asianess, I am finding the language and shared experiences to explain how I feel and finally getting around to reading 'Take Away' by Angela Hui.

I left therapy today feeling so excited, aligned, clear and proud of myself. These 6 months of therapy turned out to be so much more! So much more significant than I expected! I am SOOO grateful to have these sessions with @lucypyoga holding a space for me to take up space and be heard and to be seen, all in the magic and safe space of her authenticity and yoga teachings. Which came in the form of dancing and jumping around her room while she affirms TAKE UP THAT SPACE 😂, singing and analysing mantras, talking, laughing, lying on her floor with weighted bags and blankets, and just wholesomely feeling held by her! Thank you @lucypyoga 💜💜💜

She also just informed me that she is an ARIES so... I don't know the wisdom of that yet but yeah...😮


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