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Yoga is a personal practice where we connect to the fundamentals of movement with breath and intention. Based on traditional Hatha and Yin practices, I lead relaxing, mindful, themed sessions that encourage body and mind awareness, intuition, strength, flexibility, balance and inner harmony.

I approach yoga and meditation through an embodied approach; that is mindful, explorative and aimed to meet you where you are at. We arrive in each practice with intention, guided by the breath. Throughout the session, I provide assistance, cues, adaptations and progressive tips.


Within this journey with me, you will learn how to relax, nourish your body, create autonomy (figuring out what feels good for you), be liberated with choice and learn to become more self aware. My biggest hope for you is that within time you may be able to quieten down the inner critical voice, so that you have the freedom to be authentically yourself and live with compassion.

I look forward sharing my passion for yoga and to practice with you!  

Private Sessions


In-Person Classes


Currently on hold until restrictions lifts. 

Online Classes


Online Yoga sessions are available via  Zoom, Facebook Group and YouTube.

Please see below for more details. If you are not in a position to pay for classes please get in touch or find a library of recorded classes in my Facebook Group.

Personal virtual 1-1s are available upon request. Please get in touch.

Free meditations are available on Soundcloud and YouTube


*** Please remember that yoga is an individual personal practice and that every time we come to practice we feel different. Be mindful and intuitive to your own body by taking the practice and variations at your own pace. Meet yourself where you are at on that given day. Please take care, as I am not physically with you, so it is your responsibility to listen to your body and take the class at your own pace.***

Yoga Videos

Join me in the comfort of your own home. Where yoga sessions are led mindfully at your own pace. Have the freedom to do the class when you are free and to pause at any time. No one is watching so doesn't matter what you look like. Enjoy the sense of feeling connected to your body, the present through mind, body and breath. 

Meditations Online

You can join me for weekly free meditations on Soundcloud.

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