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“Life is all about balance.

You don’t always need to be getting stuff done. Sometimes it’s perfectly okay, and absolutely necessary, to shut down, kick back, and do nothing.”

This quote couldn’t be more true and it is something that I need reminding of quite frequently.

After a rejuvenating spa retreat at Ribby Hall Village, (which was just incredible – I would definitely recommend) I realised how “stressed” and switched on I was prior. I wouldn’t say I felt stressed but I felt drained, wanted to sleep a lot, no energy for things outside of work, no creativity or the excitement for socialising. These are traits that I would say aren’t characteristic of me, so I guess I didn’t feel like my full self.

Coming back to a relaxed state gave me the space to be me, more creative, less mind fog, more clarity and a feeling of having more energy to be productive (I like doing stuff which is why it’s is so hard to switch off). It was a massive reminder for self-care (ironically I always tell my clients how important it is to have “me time” and “to leave your work outside the studio”). The funny thing is I have been setting out time for “me-time”, working out, meditating and I even started reading again- time to myself. What is good for our well-being changes and the key ingredient that was missing was the “switch off” part; I really needed to do nothing to recharge. Now, I am feeling so much more inspired and space to just be me!

Maintaining a work-life balance is something that I think most people struggle with; being able to switch off from work. And for me, it isn’t so much a problem but I feel it is difficult to switch off from something I love. I absolutely love yoga and sharing it with people so I am constantly always a “yogi". Yoga is a lifestyle and it is my work too, it has always been a space for me to switch off or find a calmer quieter space. So how do I switch off from that? I am now finding even when I take a yoga class or in savasana I am still in work mode. (“ooohh love this – remember this pose for later”).

I am also a busy body by upbringing (I have grown up watching my female role models busy, hard at work, always serving others). So, naturally I have followed this habit, feeling that if I am not busy I am being lazy or if I am not serving others I am not showing my love for them. It is something that I have become more mindful of whilst teaching yoga and being in a relationship, because these are two huge outlets of serving others and expressing love. I am careful and constantly reminding myself that I cannot give if I am drained. So, it is important to do nothing, to recharge myself (so then I can return to serving others and be much better at it). Because when I don’t, I feel a heightened level of switched on, drained, a slave to my phone, the feeling of too many tabs open in my head, feeling constantly busy and no room for clarity so my thoughts are scattered. I don't feel I am giving my best to myself or to those I love.

So a reminder this bank holiday weekend:

Take time out to switch off AND some self-care “me time”.

Too much of anything is not good.

You will feel and do much better (more productive) when you do give back to yourself (do something for you).

Take a phone detox.

Be kind to yourself in words, thoughts and actions.

Be human, be you!

To be human is to experience all ranges of emotions so be excited and be indifferent, be and an extrovert in some fields and an introvert aswell, be organised and go with the flow, be crazy and boring on the same day, be creative and time for no creation, learn to be both loud and quiet, work hard and play hard, be productive and also do nothing, remind yourself to slow down. Find balance. One thing I’ve learnt growing a year older is that I can be all, I don’t have to be one or the other; I can be both side of the extremes. That is my balance.

Slow down switch off. Or get active and energised. Listen to your body and do what recharges you!

One way to feel recharged and to care for yourself is to go on a spa retreat (its definitely a more costly option). Take yourself to a yoga class (I teach every Tuesday at Ziferblat - click here for class time table). There are many ways to look after your well-being and to switch off. Here are some ideas in one of my older posts on self-care.

What do you do to recharge/switch off? I would love some recommendations <3

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend!

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