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New Year, New Decade, Same Me!

Happy New Year!!

Wishing you all a relaxing, recharged start to the new year, a new decade as we move into 2020!

I love the concept of new year new me, but realistically it last for about a month. Whats more realistic, is that this time of year is a good starting point to reflect over what we want to take with us and what we want to leave behind. It gives us the opportunity to try something new, (that we actually enjoy and will become a healthy habit - so not forcing yourself to endure a ridiculous diet plan and a 5 am gym start to the day! Something sustainable), accept some change, let go of what doesn't serve us anymore and create new habits that help us become what we want to be right now.

A few questions that I have been reflecting over that I thought I would share:

1) In 2019, when did I feel the most alive?

2) In 2019, when did I feel the most drained?

3) Do I feel that the 5 people I spend most of my time with (my inner circle) support my most highest possible path, my most authentic/best self? (If not, who or what type of people would I like to attract/surround myself around?)

4) Do I feel that my daily habits create the best opportunities for myself or currently support my highest possible health and being?

5) What baggage am I carrying that right now is too heavy for me to carry?

With reflection over these questions. What do you want to invite into 2020? What is necessary to let go of (that doesn't serve you anymore)? What changes would you like to make to serve your highest possible being and evolution?

For me, moving forward I am learning healthy boundaries, to say no, that it is absolutely necessary to take a break to avoid burn out. New things on the horizon for me to ensure that I teach at the best quality and energy - I have cut some classes, instead of being a full time yoga instructor I will look for a new part time job, go to more workshops and take regular social detoxes.

Hoping this mindful exercise will help you gain some insight in the inner work that you can do to support your highest possible being <3

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