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You're Doing Just Fine!

Mantra of the week –

I am adapting, I am processing, I am enough

Who else has been feeling like their thoughts have been pushed through a rusty sieve and then scattered 7 opposing directions by indecisive winds? Some days are completely un-notable and others begin with mounding to-do-lists and end in astounding levels of doing absolutely nothing at all. This can often instigate feelings of fearfulness that we have become lazy and complacent, two aggressive murderers of self-pride and confidence. We might feel that we haven’t achieved our goals or that we have become lacking in drive and purpose –

Balderdash, codswallop, poppycock, nonsense! That ain’t you boo. You’re still fab, don’t get it twisted.

You see the thing is, according to our research, our brains are doing summersaults trying to brace itself for the next big thing resulting in us burning through mental energy far quicker than before. The ‘will they, wont they’ of what big decisions will be made next seems to have everyone placing bets on when they think lockdown will end, what will open first and most importantly, when we can get back to the pub and see our friends! The truth is none of us know what’s going to happen in such an unprecedented state of affairs. Its best to try and take each day as it comes and live presently in each moment.

“Yesterday is history,

Tomorrow is a mystery,

And today is a gift...

That’s why they call it present”

-Master Oogway, Kung Fu Panda

A few ways to live presently:

• Breath – It might sound obvious, but try it. Breath mindfully, just notice how you feel when you watch and observe the journey of your breath. Take a deep breath iiiinnn, and then breathe aaaaaaaalllll the way out. Watch the air flowing in through your nose, through throat, through to expand your lungs. Exhale watching the warm air flow out through lungs, throat and nose. Then start to feel the rhythm of your own breath.

• Grounding 5 :

Repeat to yourself 3 times … “ I AM PRESENT.”

Then look around to find:

5 things you can see

4 things you can hear

3 things you can touch

2 things you can smell

1 thing you can taste

• Go for a walk, take advantage of this gorgeous weather and just be... Watch your surroundings taking it all in; the sun, the breeze on your skin, the sounds of the birds and trees, watch the doggos bouncing about.

• Gratitude. What do I feel grateful for today? Focusing on gratitude helps us notice what we have right now.

• Start a journal. A great way to check in daily with yourself and to keep tabs of what day it actually is! Definitely recommend bullet journalling.

• Slooooowww down. Less is more sometimes and slowing down helps us be where we are, live presently and appreciate what we have right in front of us!

And if all that becomes a struggle and we become tired more easily, find it impossible to keep focused on long term or lockdown goals and feel like our creativity is cut off, don’t fear.

You do not need to come out of this lockdown transformed or the next master chef or have mastered any new skill! You just be you! Your brain is adapting and processing constantly. Over the past few months we have adapted our communities, as a civilization and as individuals. Be kind to yourself, continue to take one step at a time and next time those negative self-thoughts come sneaking through the cracks in your brain you just tell them where to go. Because you’re doing just fine.

Through Gemin-Eye

Kate and Rosanne



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