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Yoga is a Practice

What does that mean? It means there is no bullshit quick fix, it means it takes commitment and time... Practising yoga once doesn't undo years worth of habits. Its a journey, a personal one, (for those who have been to my classes hear me say it everytime "Yoga is a personal practice where we feel different everytime we come onto the mat.") where progress takes time and "practice makes perfect". It's letting go of judgement, unrealistic fixed expectations, and allowing ourselves to flow, breath and be present with getting to know our bodies at our own pace.

So, yeah even me. I was never "good" at yoga when I first started... what does being good at yoga mean to you?

For me, it did mean; allowing my mind chatter to quieten, an escape for myself, to be able to do a headstand and get into the splits. Now, I don't approach practice with being "good" at yoga. Practising yoga now means something completely different (I feel like this will change again). For those who have practised yoga for a while, what did yoga mean to you and how does that differ now? For me, it now means to come back home to myself, (not an escape) to be connected to my body, to recharge and give my body nourishing movement.

Yoga is a practice of mindfulness. You don't have to be "good" at it, you just have to show up for yourself and want to work with your own body. There's no judgement and there is no comparison especially since my body is different to yours and I've been doing yoga for 9 years!

If you are interested in learning how to soothe yourself, connect to your body, become more mindfully aware and tune in to yourself. Feel free to join my classes online or drop me a message at


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