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Winter Recharge Retreat

|| 15th Dec 2018, 2-5 pm ||


Join V-FlowEmma and Goh Yoga for a 1-day yoga retreat at Waterside Leisure Club

Taking a treat day for yourself, deepen your yoga practice, connecting mind and body, take time out of the busy Christmas period to relax, recharge and restore. 

During your relaxing retreat day:

• 1 hr yoga 
• Choice of 2 x 25 minute workshop (optional)
• 45 minute singing bowl meditation 
• Spa pass 

Cost: £30 (non-members) /£25 (members)

We aim to support and guide you through your development of a deeper yoga practice, mindfulness being the core of our retreat theme as we take yoga principles on and off the mat.

For more info and TO BOOK please get in touch. To reserve a place we would ask for a £10 deposit (non-refundable) or you can also pay in full.

Please email me -

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