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About TIY

What is TIY?


TIY - Trauma Informed Yoga 

Trauma-informed yoga is an approach that recognises and addresses the impact of trauma on an individual's well-being. (You don't have to identify with having trauma to practice). The instructors are trained to hold a safe and supportive environment, emphasising principles like choice, curiosity, connection to body, empowerment and presence. Sessions focus on providing options and respecting personal boundaries to build on a sense of safety, grounding, calm, connection and presence. Trauma-informed yoga often incorporates gentle movements, breathwork, and meditation, aiming to help individuals reconnect with their bodies and cultivate a sense of safety and self-compassion in the healing process. Over time processing of trauma felt in the body can be processed alongside a trained therapist. It is an inclusive and adaptable practice that considers the unique needs of those who have experienced trauma.


What TIY is not:


  • A quick fix to healing trauma

  • Therapy or counselling

  • A talk therapy space to delve into stories and past (as most TIY Teacher are not trained for this)

  • Regular yoga class

“The essence of trauma is disconnection from ourselves. Trauma is not terrible things that happen from the other side—those are traumatic. But the trauma is that very separation from the body and emotions.” 

- Gabor Maté 

To create this safe space, TIY classes are guided with non-judgement and invitational language along with other skills and qualities which will be discussed further.  As a TIY student, the class feels more held with choice, a focus on safety, slower pace, grounding as a key foundation and collaborative with the teacher’s full, non-judgmental presence; there is an invitation to explore the practices together.When working with trauma, we are holding a space for people’s lives, vulnerable parts and life experiences. When experiencing trauma, it is the inability to be in the here and now; it can be characterised as feeling trapped, overwhelmed or stuck (stuck in nothingness, numbness) or feeling disconnected. A disconnect to our own embodied experiences; to feel what is in the present. This might be part of a survival resource learnt as a child (childhood conditioning - past experience that happened to the child and what the child learnt in order to cope and survive). Hence, with awareness and psychoeducation, teaching ourselves it is safe to reconnect, to feel safe to be present, we can see choice. We choose how to respond; we start to feel unstuck. We begin the process of healing. Thus with this work and in TIY it is important to create safety; within the body, a contained space, the relationship of Self and between student and teacher.

Rosanne will invite you into a space of enquiry and learning as she guides you to discover grounding, curiosity, self regulation, exploration of your nervous system and window of tolerance. This will be a non-judgmental, compassionate space to resource and connect to finding safety in your own body. This is also a collaborative process and so the sessions may not be what is usually considered as a regular yoga practice. 

In my experience it is a yoga practice but it is informed and aware of trauma. So choice, consent, invitations, curiosity, connection to grounding and safety at it key core.
As the practitioner I would offer a space of enquiry and learning guiding the student to discover grounding, curiosity, self regulation, exploration of the nervous system and window of tolerance. Its a safe space to resource through connecting to your body. Often I find services are offered through mind wellbeing. And what's missing is the connection to body. So it's a collaborative process to bridge that mindbody and may not be what is usually considered as a regular yoga practice.

“Trauma-informed yoga is a specialist branch of yoga which helps people recover from the impact of trauma on the body, brain, emotions and sense of self. The first stage is focused on creating safety, learning to manage difficult emotions and beginning to address trauma-related patterns,” she says.

"The second stage processes trauma held in the body, discharges survival responses and releases unresolved emotions. The final stage involves integration – reflecting on the recovery journey and planning for the next steps. 

Who I trained with?

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What Rosanne offers from her TIY training?

​I teach people how to cultivate a compassionate relationship with an embodied Self, to feel safe in our bodies. Through a wholesome, spiritual, embodied, therapeutic approach; practices including Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Reiki, meditation, journaling and sound healing. I wish for you to find this and feel good in yourself too; to build a healthy relationship with your mind, body and soul; a wholesome connection to your Authentic Self. 


My intention is to help people feel safe in their bodies and create a wholesome relationship with Self! My biggest hope for you is that within time you may be able to quieten down the inner critical voice so that you get to know all parts of you that make you -YOU, approach fear with compassion and courage, so that you feel safe, present in your own body and have the freedom to be authentically yourself to live with compassion.












For You:


I offer you a trauma sensitive approach to find your embodied authentic Self.


 A space to be curious to explore mind and body without judgement; to build a healthy relationship with your mind, body and soul. 

An invitation to cultivate an awareness and understanding of mind, soul, emotional intelligence, energy, internal work that can be accessed through the body.

A compassionate, embodied approach.

Currently offering:

  • Online classes, workshops, courses 

  • In person community classes

  • Private classes

  • Yoga retreats

  • Tibetan Singing bowls workshops

  • Yin Yoga

  • Hatha Yoga

  • Trauma Sensitive Yoga

  • Reiki

  • Mindfulness

Learn to take these lessons off the mat; a process of translating it into your daily life. Yoga practice may start on the mat, but the benefits follow us off the mat in to our daily lives.

-- Rosanne --



I take regular one to one Yoga sessions with Rosanne and have absolutely loved them. Being able to go through positions slowly and work on my technique without the distraction of a full class has been invaluable for my yoga development. As well as her training and knowledge,Rosannes open and warm personality ensures every session is relaxed and fun: this is something that has definitely contributed to my steady progression.



"You are an amazing teacher...I love our weekly 1:1s and the whole family is thankful for them, they are a safe space for me to stretch, practice yoga, think and focus and each week I become a better person with your help, able to do the task in hand. Especially this year! "

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