Vicki Carragher


Rosanne's classes are the highlight of my week! Now that they are online it's so much easier to ensure I attend every week! During lockdown I've relied on the incredible yin and relaxation yoga to provide me with much needed peace. Now I'm also obsessed with the online hatha flow yoga, the muscle tone and strength I've gained in a short time is amazing. Rosanne provides personal feedback in the online classes which has been crucial to help me learn about my body! The online class is such a safe and supportive environment and has really helped me feel confident and comfortable and learn to go at my own pace. All from the comfort of my own home! I would highly recommend these classes to anyone! My body and I are so grateful 

Mat Hibbert


I take regular one to one Yoga sessions with Rosanne and have absolutely loved them. Being able to go through positions slowly and work on my technique without the distraction of a full class has been invaluable for my yoga development. As well as her training and knowledge,Rosannes open and warm personality ensures every session is relaxed and fun: this is something that has definitely contributed to my steady progression.

David Eriksen


Very good atmosphere, adapted the yoga moves to my very inflexible shoulders and hamstrings, felt very limber and relaxed afterwards. Clearly knows her stuff and led the class cooly and confidently.

Sally-Jo Mayo


 I come to your classes at Nuffield on a Monday morning and it’s the best way to start the week, I’ve tried a lot of yoga classes but really enjoy yours and the way you teach hence why I do actually make it each week!

Audrey Serrano


I had a one on one session with Rosanne yesterday and it was a fantastic class. She corrects your position and is very supportive. I finished the class feeling calm and relaxed. I would definitely encourage anyone to go to her classes!

Kate Tittley


Rosanne leads Asana and meditation practice with clarity and skill beyond her years. With a knowledge of both eastern and western anatomy she guides you through a wonderful practice which will leave you with a yummy sense of connectivity and oneness. Not to be missed!

Julia Evans


I attended singing bowls meditation with Rosanne. I LOVED the way she used the bowls and explained how they help meditation. Everyone shared their experiences after the class. She creates a safe and friendly space for you to explore your practice. Would recommend.

Mira Terzieva


I attended the brewdog brunch yoga class this morning and I still feel amazing. The teacher is very caring and the atmosphere is super relaxing! I can’t wait for the next class

Emma Sparrow


Yoga with Rosanne is incredible, sharing the space with such a vibrant and genuine yogi is so special. The sequences were beautiful with great adjustments. I came out relaxed, stretched out and full of positive energy that Rosanne oozes! I cannot recommend her enough!!!

Gouri Laher


I've been to many yoga classes before but Rosanne's classes are quite special. She manages to make you feel comfortable and welcome and pays attention to the individual. Great for self-nurture & restoration.

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