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Mental Health Awareness Week 💜

At first, yoga for me was just an hr of exercise; one that made me feel so relaxed and confident in my body as I watched it get stronger and I got more confident in attempting poses I thought were impossible for me to do...

I remember my teacher always saying "mind over matter" - @yogazi_p

It is now a lifestyle choice and so much more! It led me to understand that my thoughts are not me, that if I was to really to work at something and feel a sense of control, it had to be from within. So, I explored paths of mindfulness, Reiki, music, sound healing, meditation, dance, compassion focused inner work which simultaneously led me to a sense of community.

Yoga was my spark to really highlight how important it is to take time to be with myself attentively, compassionately and with kindness; to recharge, empower myself and become more aware of my mind and body.

With this awareness, its where the real freedom begins. When we build an awareness of our bodies, habitual patterns and behaviour. We create a moment of space before we react, we create choice. With loving support, I learnt to liberate myself from feeling stuck, driven by overwhelming emotions like grief, to be less fearful of my feelings (these can be intuitive signs), be more compassionate, more present, to be more alive rather than just exist. And I continue to learn... Forever a student...

Yoga is union of yourself coming back home AND of community. To know that you aren't alone in both your suffering and in your joy!

Attend to yourself like you would a child, a dear friend, a blossoming plant...its absolutely essential. It always comes from you first so it is important to attend to you first 💜 I offer you a space to attend to your wellbeing this week by booking a class, practice free YouTube classes or feel free to get in touch 💜🙏

Wishing you a space of awareness, a realising that you are also not your thoughts, and inside is a beautiful soul waiting to be heard and listened to 💜

If you would like to book a class, please use voucher below:


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