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Who wants to be a millionaire?

There are many ways in which we as humans are connected through experience. Much of the human experience is universal and one of the ways we connect is through sharing the things that we feel. It is more likely than not that at some point during our existence we will all be certain of what it means to feel love, sadness, grief, happiness on large scales. But what about the day to day stuff? What about the ebbing and flowing of both positive and negative emotions on a daily basis?

Many of us experience feelings of being both up and down, and when our positive emotions trickle though us we welcome them warmly, perhaps this is because we have been taught that these emotions are what life is supposed to be like and that feeling good holds lots of value. Often times, when we feel more negative emotions, we feel as though they have no value to us, we can become upset and frustrated by them and push those feeling aside or try to mask them with the allure of something that is more comfortable for us. In other words, we have learned to only accept positive feelings and reject negative ones. But, given that all humans feel both good and bad every day, why is it that we learn to put a mask on, instead of finding a way to experience both equally and healthily.

During the last couple of months, many of us have been plunged into a new way of life. The unsettlement of this unchosen disequilibrium has caused many of us to experience a wild rollercoaster ride of good and bad feelings. Our conversations this week have been heavily centered around how we can shift the focus of feeling negativity and deciding to cover it up with masking to instead, deciding to focus on the gifts we still have in our life. A friend of Through Gemin-Eyes phrased it beautifully by saying that 'when we focus on what we have, we are millionaires’.

That got us to thinking that we are all in the same boat, to some degree, during this collective experience of the world. It is helpful to connect with people, to create compassionate spaces for ourselves and those around us, generating breeding grounds in which it is easier to focus on gratitude and the million-dollar elements of our lives, that the parts that make us want to hide.

Shifting focus allows us to exist in the reality of our lives during difficulty instead of disallowing our own feelings as though they are worthless just because they aren’t easy to sit with. When we are aware of what we have and the good that exists in duality with the bad, suddenly we find it easier to feel happier and brighter.

It’s completely natural to feel both good and bad, so don’t feel disheartened if shifting focus is a struggle for you. Take a moment to be mindful of what mood you are in, and what kind of space you are creating for yourself to experience your mood in. Amongst everything you feel, can you identify what you can change and what do you have control over? Use your answers to these questions to help you to decide what can you let go of. To decipher what isn’t serving you. Sit with yourself for however long you feel is necessary, if you have identified that you can make changes, be brave, be bold and take the first step. If not, that’s okay! Just remember, we can all feel like a millionaire, if we just give ourselves the chance. 💜

Through Gemin-Eyes x

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