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Sustainable Self Care Habit

Looking to get back into your self care routine?

It is easier to do little and often with actions that are doable for you! Creating a healthy habit starts with committing to do something often, that is designed to work for you. Designing a habit that works for you and then intending to commit to that action daily if not regularly.

  1. What would you like to create a habit about?

  2. What action is doable on a regular basis (daily if possible)?

  3. Break it down: Can you be more specific?

  4. When can you commit to your practice? When is convenient or a good time to practice?

  5. How much time is doable? Make it time specific. (So that when time is up it's okay if you didn't achieve what you wanted, it doesn't have to be perfect. You can try again tomorrow. The fact that you committed to the practice is enough, remembering every time you practice is different. Let there be wisdom in your practice on that day.)

Remind yourself! Set an alarm or do it at a set time every day or paired with another daily routine/action. Commit little and often rather than unrealistic, ambiguous, undoable actions. You can gently work yourself up to those. Setting yourself up for success in creating a self care habit that is sustainable and regular. For e.g.

I am really good at reading many books at the same time and not finishing them haha !🤭

  1. Finishing my books

  2. Read everyday

  3. Doable habit will be to read at least 2 pages before bedtime. (Be as specific as possible!)

  4. It has been incorporated into my bedtime routine, to help me unwind from my day.

  5. 15 mins maximum (sometimes I can be a very slow reader, rereading the same line over and over again or wish to read more)

I'll remind myself by having my book at my bedside table.

What habit would you like to create? Thank you @geokao for sharing your wisdom, he gave me insight as to why my habits were never consistent. My goals were too vague, unrealistic, too big, and I spent too much time on them, so it wasn't long until I would often give up! I have recently completed and would highly recommend his TLC course on how to thoughtfully create a joyful calendar that you enjoy living. I have always been organised but this course really took it to another level, helping me understand the power and freedom in organising every detail. I feel empowered and free to enjoy a healthier life and work balance consistently (rather than loop through burn out cycles)! I really learnt the importance of putting my self care habits first so that I am energised to give from an energised authentic space.

So I wish the same for you! What self care habits can you create to ensure you fill your own cup up first?

I recommend what I know best - morning yoga practice first thing in the morning to start your day! I would also recommend daily journaling too - you can log the habits you would like to keep tabs of and tick away when you have completed! Please find a journal template on an app I have become obsessed with called 'Notion'. You can find a journal template here

➡️ My Morning Routine ( 3 parts on YouTube)

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