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There are many things that we try to control in our lives in which we have no control over.
Yet the one thing we do have control over - we neglect, numb or make excuses for.

There are many things that we obsess over, try to fix, try to influence, what or whom we worry about... Think about it... We actually don't have any control over their decisions or outcomes. We do however have the autonomy, responsibility and accountability in our actions, words, breath, deeds, perception, thoughts and responses.

For me it all starts with the acceptance of this...Then awareness of what we do, how we think, how we breathe, how we react... observe ourselves and start to become more curious. The more curious we get the less we are afraid of the journey inwards. Maybe, we start to notice how changing the little things influences how we feel, how we react and how we are as human beings.

For me, Yoga was the foot in the door to my self-enquiry journey. Fully embracing how my body felt in Savasana after a class or how it felt stiff during the class! Journaling and meditation are also two other ways in which I cultivate mindful awareness. Personally, I really like the freedom and concept of 'Bullet Journaling'. It's a short daily practice; where I check in with myself, track habits and my mood, track my progress for monthly goals and write one thing that I am grateful for!

Here are some practices for you to try:

The answers always come from within. It is your responsibility to clear the mind clutter, create a path of clarity to your intuition... L I S T E N ... If my offerings resonate with you, then I offer a space to help guide you on this journey 💜


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