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As I am journeying through this Trauma Informed Yoga training - I am understanding the importance of nurturing ourselves on deeper layers that I didn't know existed and thought I had addressed already 😅...

I think as we learn more about ourselves or 'do the inner work', we may find there are more layers and more lessons than what we initially thought there was (which can be both overwhelming, scary, interesting and nourishing all at the same time). I think it takes a lot compassion and curiosity to look within. Those who are on this journey - know that even if its hard right now, you are both brave and supported to be doing this for yourself 💜 It is blessing to know yourself on layers you didn't before (not to say it's easy) and to experience the richness of both light & dark, high & lows, happy & sad, connection & loneliness, all the opposition of spectrums and in between!

As I am processing, becoming more curious and aware of my own triggers, past and present habitual patterns I offer this out to you - a reminder of the importance of self care, self love, self compassion and a nurturing holding of space for yourself 💜

Beautiful quote that was shared on TIY course! Looking forward to another full weekend of training with Trauma Therapy Manchester!

“Only when we discover how to nurture ourselves with our own unconditional attention do we develop the capacity for attending to others unconditionally in an authentic way.” - Michael Brown


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