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Nobody told us life was going to be this way *crap crap crap crap* 🎶

Mantra of the Week – ‘I accept my situation, I go with the flow, I can make this work.'

No-body told us that we were supposed to prepare for global pandemic. I don’t know about you guys but they missed out that section in my manual. We have watched the world consume itself in contagion over and over again on the silver screen. We stroll out of movie theatres and turn to our friends to assign roles in preparation for our own zombie apocalypse. We design escape plans and pick safe houses, and if you say you don’t then I’m sorry but I do believe that you’re telling fibs. It’s safe to say that I was more prepared for the event of a Zombie Apocalypse than I was to stay at home and do nothing.

Many of us have lost work in this time, others have no choice but to work around the clock and risk exposure to the virus. It is no surprise that the stomach of the nation is filled with knots weaved from uncertainty and anxiety. We should carry no guilt for feeling uneasy about how we navigate our way through these difficult times. However, sometimes it is difficult to let go of feelings of guilt, but in holding onto these feelings we are giving them a space to live and a space to grow within us. It would serve us better if we can find a way to spend our energy on releasing our feelings of entrapment, and learn to bathe in the glow from silver linings that often line the clouds such as the one floating over us. Let’s give ourselves a chance and make this INSANE experience the best we can.

We can do this way easier if we are helping one another in acceptance. If we spend our emotional and physical resources on accepting the current situation instead of resisting our unwelcomed circumstances, it will make for a much more valuable, productive and enjoyable time. Let’s ask each other about the positive things that are happening right now. Let’s acknowledge those things and accept them as gifts.

We’ve seen the planets environmental crisis improve. This situation could be a catalyst for change, sparking restructure and togetherness in our society. We now have time to reflect, focus and care for ourselves more thoroughly. These are gifts.

Don’t feel pressure to do any one specific thing with your time. What is best for you might differ to the person next to you. If you’ve found yourself with an abundance of time; consider resting, write a poem a day, cover your entire body in avocado and become a big fabulous sushi roll or build a new business plan. There’s no right way to fill the time you might have – just search for the things that you can do that bring you joy, learn how to ease any anxious feelings, and keep yourself happy in whichever ways that might be.

If we find ourselves struggling it is okay to reach out to those around us. Not one of us is alone in our confusing feelings right now. Let’s think about how we can support each other, how can we provide support for key workers? How can we provide support for those struggling in mental health due to disrupted routine and limited counselling? What will help us to rise from the ashes when we come out the other end of this?

We must take this time to look after ourselves, look after each other and look after the planet.

This lockdown is saving lives ye big heroes.

Stay positive, stay fabulous and for Pete’s sake, stay at home.

It truly is wild out there

Kate and Rosanne



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