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New Normal

Hello...It has been a while!

I hope you are all safe, well, found some enjoyment and peace through lockdown life and are ready to take the steps toward some normality. (Remembering we all have our own truths and our own pace to deal with things. So as always go at your own pace, honour your truths and be mindful that others may not be at the same pace as you, so check in with where others are at mentally, emotionally in how they feel comfortable in interacting/socialising.)

As gyms start to re-open, I am VERY EXCITED to be teaching some real life in-human classes! One thing I have learnt about myself is that human connections in real life form is just liiiiifeee!! Being able to see someone's physical features, expressions, their vibes and big squishee hugs is so abundantly amazing and a vital aspect of connection and synchronicity (for me - everyone has their own truths)!

Since, I will be teaching in person classes, the FB live classes have moved to 12:00, midday.


Facebook live sessions

Videos will save in the FB live library for you to catch later!

I am also on YouTube and update weekly with shorter classes if the FB live classes are too long.

Classes are pay as you feel so feel free to join for free or if you can feel free to donate, but please don't worry if you can't donate. Join in as I would rather you join in the practice than not!

Goh Yoga PayPal


It is important for me to know a few things about you before we begin (this will help me maximise your experience throughout our classes), so please take the time to fill out this short yoga medical waiver form before you partake in the class.

Yoga medical waiver

Create your own atmosphere.. Set up your own yoga space, light some candles, dim the lights, burn some incense and play your own music! As I don't play music through the class on FB live due to fluctuating sound quality. Please feel to listen to your own music or check out some playlists that I have put together for you to enjoy with your practice. Goh Yoga Spotify

*** Please remember that yoga is an individual personal practice and that every time we come to practice we feel different. Be mindful and intuitive to your own body by taking the practice and variations at your own pace. Meet yourself where you are at on that given day. Please take care, as I am not physically with you, so it is your responsibility to listen to your body and take the class at your own pace.***

Please see Online Classes for more details.

I look forward to practice with you on the mat in the comfort of your own home or in a in-person class !!

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