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New Moon - Spring Arrival

Today marks the New Moon as we enter the arrival of Spring.

The New Moon is a symbolic time of a new cycle, surrendering to let go of the old and make space for the new. Spring is also a symbol of newness, growth, change, a transition from the winter's slumber and stillness to movement and growth. We need that nourishment from rest (winter's hibernation) to have the energy to spring into the lighter and warmer days. If we think of new saplings sprouting from the Earth or flowers blooming, it's nature emerging to be born! From the reserves of winter's hibernation to allow this growth. Growth isn't always smooth sailing, sometime like seed they struggle to break through the soils of Earth, it may get stuck. This a reminder that in our own growth journey, we may get or feel stuck, in loops, slow growing, or the opposite of things moving so fast we can't process. Each and every journey is different. We all grow at different rates and directions.

🌚 New Moon - Spring Themed 🌸

Spring & New Moon Themed Yin Sequence

🌸 Wide Knee Child Pose - 3 Min

🌸Sleeping Swan Pose - 3 min on each side

🌸Banana Pose - 3 min on each side

🌸Reclined Butterfly - 3 min

🌸Corpse Pose - 3 mins or listen to guided 20 min relaxation (New Moon/Spring Meditation Below)


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