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Let's Get Digital, Digital!

Queen Liz jumped onto our screens last Sunday to say a few encouraging words. We were un-expectedly comforted by both her speech and her fabulous emerald green power get-up. She reminded us that although times are uncertain, we are in this together. We are connected by the fact that we all have our role to play in defeating this virus. She took us back to a time during WW2 when she was involved in announcing the evacuation of children to the countryside. It was a time, she explains, of distance between families and their experiences. 

Rosanne and I have also been talking this week about distance from loved ones and ways of remaining connected. A huge part of our everyday experience is based on those who we share time with and how we spend time with ourselves. During times like these its so easy to feel a disconnect from the people in our lives, our goals and ourselves. Being unable to see our friends and family, go to work meetings or be closer than 6ft to anyone in general feels pretty alien. However, unlike previous times of drastic world change, like the times that Queen Elizabeth refers to, we have an accomplice at our disposal this time. An ally who enables us to bridge those gaps in the connections that we may feel aren’t as strong. The companion I speak of, is of course, the internet. 

The ole wide web has molded this era into one of instant access to information and connection. So, we got together to have a chat about all the ways that we can utilize this tool to help us maintain our feelings of connectivity to our loved ones, normality, and our selves. We would love to share our list with you guys! 

Are you missing your friends? Your family? The guy who took you for tacos a week before all this kicked off? He was both rugged and hygienic, had kind eyes, big hands and his voice was gentle in a way that implied he would definitely stop to save a kitten from being stuck in a tree. Life truly is cruel. 

These are our tips for staying connected - 

• Keep your classic socials going. Don’t feel guilty about increasing screen time! Continue to utilize the multitude of messenger services that are likely already lingering on your phone already. We're talking your WhatsApps, your Facebook messengers, texts, Snapchats and your Instagrams. These golden oldies are great tools to stay connected to friends and family. Maybe you can set up another date with taco boy for when this is all over. 

• You can use Instagram stories to share what you are getting up to in quarantine. Share your banana bread recipe and your tips for home hair cuts. You can even use the ‘closest friends’ feature to limit your viewership should that be important to you. 

• The AppStore has graced us with a collection of great face-to-face app services like HouseParty. Download this app and see all your friends beautiful faces in a moment. Many people can enter the same chat at the same time so it really does allow you to feel like you’re in a group gathering. Not only this but the app has games on it that you can play with your friends to keep you entertained.

• There are other platforms that you can enjoy playing games with one another on. Animal Crossing and Minecraft are two great examples of this. (Rosanne has found her closet gamer!) 

• The nation has truly outdone itself with the quantity and quality of pub quizzes that have been bringing groups of people together across Zoom. The pubs may have closed but you’ll never take our quizzes away. Write up the best zoom pub quiz you can and test your friends general knowledge with a drink from home.

• Get creative on TikTok and entertain the masses as we are all locked down! Take on some dance challenges, make mock music videos or imitate your favorite on screen moments for the world to see!

Are you looking for some quiet time, some motivation to practice yoga or meditation during lockdown? This is how we have been connecting inwardly to ourselves during this time – 

• Zoom classes are great for that positive pick me up, to set up or wind down from your day. One of Rosanne's favourites is with lovely Nat and Will who guide their viewers with lots of variations and clear instructions. The best thing about their classes is that they are as explorative as they are mindful in their movement. (Details of how to join their classes in link below)

• We are also releasing weekly meditation sessions. Find yourself a quiet moment in the day and enjoy a lovely moment to yourself. Join for a guided meditation into a deep nourishing sleep at night. Here’s your chance to incorporate Rosanne’s meditations into your bedtime routine! Grab your phone and headphones and take these pockets of peace and calm to bed with you!

• Yogi YouTube channels and Apps like Down Dog are great for guiding yoga practice at home! Have a good route through a few and find your favourite!

And remember that yoga and meditation are personal practices, individual to you. Practice in which ever space that is available to you that is the most comfortable. If that means from your bed, your mat, your sofa, on a rug on your floor. Get comfortable and just explore what feels good for you. The rules are there are no rules!

“Communication is merely an exchange of information, but connection is an exchange of our humanity.” - Sean Stephenson

Get online, its okay, if it helps you, its allowed. However, there is such thing as too much screen time. My dad used to tell me that if I stared at a screen for too long I’d get square eyes. If you’re concerned about the shape of your eyes, take up the art of letter writing and write to your loved ones, write to us! We love a good letter. 

Get digital with us, take time for yourself, and stay safe.

Through Gemin-Eyes

Kate and Rosanne x

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Jul 31, 2022

Hello maate great blog post

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