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It Doesn't Spark Joy

We've all heard Marie Kondo, 'Does it spark joy?'. When tidying with Marie Kondo we hold items and ask ourselves does it spark joy? If it doesn't, then it goes into the 'throw away/recycle' pile.

We all do it, have a big tidy up and realise how much crap we've got hoarded away unintentionally - what was important to us then is no longer now. When we do a huge clean up, we feel good right? (haha maybe not whilst doing it, but afterwards?)

I think it's also important to do that same tidy up within ourselves. Reflection. Whether that's, a yoga workshop, journaling, Reiki, Ayahuasca ceremony, massage, whatever your thing is to cleanse - check in, reflect and let go. Its important to have a regular cleanse, to let go of what no longer serves us anymore.

Where has this year even gone?

I think we may all agree on that this year (even though every year seems to) has gone super fast but slow while in it? It's been a real weird one to say the least.

For me, I reflect and I don't see the usual holiday pics, the birthday celebrations, the group outings, adventures, friend memories, etc. (my usual milestone haven't existed this year...hah I do see a lot of baking, plant photos and Dan not wanting to be photographed!)

I have instead learnt a lot about slowing down. Doing nothing and sitting with that discomfort. I have come to understand that compassion isn't always warm and fluffy, its being able to sit with uncomfortable feelings and allowing ourselves to feel it and not talk to avoid the real feelings behind it. I have done a lot more internal work this year which coincided well with the timing of my Reiki 2 training. I have discovered that peace exist right here within us if we are mindful to be still and to surrender. And even though it doesn't feel like it at the time, I do now understand that everything passes.

As we come to the end of 2020, we may start to reflect on what a year it has been... Here's a few things I wanted to share with you on your reflection journey:

  1. Remember the day you intended/wished for the things you have now?

  2. Write a list of what you have and have achieved this year that you wouldn't have normally invested energy or time into.

  3. Write a list of what no longer serves you, write it all down and let it out. Maybe even burn or shred the paper afterwards.

  4. Remember that it is human nature to feel. It's important to feel human emotions and healthy to access a range of emotions, so that we can process and so we can let go of what no longer serves us. Otherwise, it will get trapped, buried or manifest elsewhere. I no longer think its healthy to strive for only positive vibes because we then dismiss those 'bad' feelings, this can be damaging. Only our ego/mind judges whether its good or bad. When we feel without judgement, we allow ourselves to be present (feel what that feeling is like, physically, emotionally, mentally?), whether 'good or bad', we sit with it, observe and it soon passes.

  5. Be kind. To yourself in actions and in words - your inner critic. It starts with 'I'. The root is you. When you're kinder to yourself you are more capable to be yourself, when you take time to look after yourself you recharge. 'We cannot pour from an empty cup.' We cannot give to other when we are drained.

Trust all is coming when the time is right. We are here to be present for those journeys, experiences and lessons. Only when we are ready.

Mindful Practice

If you resonated with that reflection exercise you might like to join a 'surrender' practice. Tomorrow is the third quarter moon, the final sage of the lunar cycle. After the peak of the full moon, the moon looses it light. It is a symbolic time of releasing, shedding, letting go, reflection and surrendering. Like tidying up through an old pile of stuff, discard of what no longer serves you.

A perfect time for yin yoga, you can join me tonight for yin yoga of surrendering at 8pm (book online) or practice this 20 min meditation - an internal mindful clear out.

Further Information:

The ego has an important purpose in which it protect us, give us a sense of self, the confidence to be who we are. It can also be something that controls us and limits us. Where I reference the ego in this meditation, I am referring to when we overthink, let 'thinking' override and avoid 'feeling'. The ego can then limits us to react; we get into the mindset where the ego controls our behaviour through learnt behaviour, habits, past trauma, action without that mindful state of observation. This is a mindful practice of taking a step back, to observe, to consciously decide, does this serve me? If it doesn't let it go...


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