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I left Home...

Venice was ammaaaziinnggg - felt inspired to write and share...🥰🌸🥰

I left home later than most do

Sheltered, cocooned from a different reality.

22. Exploring the world

Experiencing different cultures.

Crossing paths with souls alike

And those who taught me lessons

I remembered. Humbled and grateful.

I explored miles away

Searching far and wide.

I forgot what it's like to be home

To be

To feel

To be still

It was here all along

Home. Me.

Deep roots woven into

Culture, food, wives tales.

Truth and wisdom of my own

All these experiences

A trail to a new now

A thread of my existence

30. I walk in my own truth

Not someone else’s

Trust in your truth

A path of your own

Not the ones you see before you

Pave your own way

To come back home.

I left home long ago

And it feel damn good to be back.

- Goh Yoga

The coming of home: that feeling when you connect into your own body, that feeling of Savasana, connecting to breath, feeling centered and wholesome, that deep inner knowing...

For me it is through yoga, meditation, Reiki, journaling that I journey back home to myself! I invite you to:

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  • You can also find online courses such as - 'Journey to Self' a journaling workshop - Click Here

  • Free Meditations - Click Here

  • Or email me about Reiki Sessions -


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