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Hello, It's Me ...


I wanted to take a moment to say hiiiii and welcome.

Since we have all started to adapt to the virtual world, it has been an absolute blessing and pleasure to connect/reconnect with you all :) (one of the biggest positives out of 2020). So for those who are new and haven't met me in person before, I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself (for those who've been doing yoga with me for agggesss, firstly a huge thank you for being on my journey! Haha and carry on reading for little nosey on what's been on my mind.)

My name is Rosanne and as you can imagine yoga is one of my favourite things to do and share.

It stems from the curiosity of understanding myself more, a passion of finding peace to be my authentic self and for others to find this and feel good in themselves too; to build a healthy relationship with their mind, body and soul.

I have been practising yoga since 2011, teaching since 2016 (one of the best decisions I have made!). For me, yoga started out as curiosity, as a teacher in high school said I would like it. (My friends loved dancing, I didn't but stayed for the stretch part of the class). I fell in love with my first class at Withington Baths with Yogi Pete, I enjoyed the physical challenge, the discovery of my body’s capability in strength and flexibility; but what kept me dedicated was that it fully wiped me out for relaxation…peace in my busy mind!

During 2020, we were all asked to stay inside but were also asked (or forced) to look inside. This took me on a big reflection journey of realisation, awareness and knowledge. With these 3 new lenses it allowed me to see why I do this, why I teach, why it is so important to share holistic practices.

I think we sometimes get so attached to our identity that we might over-identify (oh no, that's not me - leads to overlooking, not accepting other traits within us or not doing). For example, I have never identified myself as having an addictive personality as I find it easy to start and stop anything (maybe too many things at once) when I want to. But then, the first lockdown, I felt soooo shitty not being able to do anything, not feeling good enough, feeling lazy... which I now understand as my shadow work; I am addicted to being productive because it is unconsciously linked to my self worth. I can't relax without doing something (hence, why I find yoga so amazing). I am not saying its a bad thing to be productive, what I am saying is the relationship I have to being productive is unhealthy (hope this makes sense, if this is you too, I feel you). Long story short (feel free to get in touch for the long story), it led me to seek an understanding of why? Which led me to chats of reciprocal roles (thanks Marshi), Reiki 2 & Access Bars healing (which if you haven't - happy to chat about my experience and definitely encourage you to try it. Thank you Gouri), learning about intergenerational trauma (whether you are aware of it or not yes, even you have been through trauma - I didn't think I did, raised by both my parents, love my family, enjoyed and was good at school... how can you heal over a wound you can't see/not aware of?), astrology (thank you Savanah), chakras and trauma informed yoga.

The internal healing journey allowed me to see myself more clearly which allows me to be more authentically myself, find my voice, be aware of my inner critical voice to manage it (be able to be comfortable with not being productive all the time). It has also allowed me to see clearly why I teach and how to fulfil living my dharma. So for you guys, this is what I am offering.

A facilitated self care space for you to find your authentic self through an embodiment practice like yoga. Holistic practices that are mindful, explorative and aimed to meet you where you are at; an embodied approach. We arrive in each practice with intention, guided by the breath. Within this journey with me, you will learn how to relax, nourish your body, create autonomy (figuring out what feels good for you), be liberated with choice and learn to become more self aware. My biggest hope for you is that within time you may be able to quieten down the inner critical voice, so that you have the freedom to be authentically yourself and live with compassion.

If this where you are at, feel free to get in touch. Remember to meet yourself where you are at. You can find different style that I teach on my website. Whether that be yin yoga or a more active approach. You can also join my 15 day yoga challenge to ease yourself into practice. Hope to see/connect with you soon.

Rosanne x

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