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I am really starting to enjoy the online community and classes (both teaching and attending class). It definitely isn't the same as face to face, however the convenience , time saving and reconnecting with yogis and friends (that I haven't practiced with for ages) has been such a beautiful opportunity. Being able to offer yoga during this new normal has been a learning experience!


I am looking forward to sharing a Yin Yoga practice every Monday at 8pm. Yin Yoga is such a lovely indulgent, introspective practice. It has taught me alot about, slowing down, stillness, letting go of what doesn't serve me, feeling safe, finding boundaries and exploring my body's limits safely.


MONDAY 12:00 Hatha Yoga - Facebook Live in 'Goh Yoga Online' group (1 hr, Donation based) 20:00 Yin Yoga - Zoom (1 hr, £6)

WEDNESDAY 12:00 Lunchtime Yoga - Zoom (30 mins, £3)

THURSDAY 20:00 Relaxation - Zoom (30 mins, £3)

If you are interested in joining classes and prefer to pay monthly, you can save yourself some money with these offers.

Monthly yoga subscriptions:

MONTHLY PASS ACCESS TO ONE CLASS PER WEEK. £10/month so only £2.50 a class! Please note that your choice of class can differ from week to week. Please choose classes when making payment, at the beginning of the month to receive correct class links.

RECORDED CLASSES ONLY £12/month Access to all recorded (missed) session for the entire month. Only 75p per class! These links will be provided weekly, so that you can practice in your own time.

LIVE & RECORDED, ALL ACCESS £20/month Unlimited access to all live and recorded classes. If you miss a class you can catch up in your own time, recorded classes will be provided weekly. Saving you £28 as you gain access to £48 worth of classes!

If you are interested drop me an email to subscribe monthly at


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