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Goh Yoga Online

Yoga is movement with intention and breath. Join me on the mat in the comfort of your own home!

I have finally taken the leap to go virtual! 

Although I have been reluctant to 'go online' as personally online classes are just not the same for me. For me, its all about the experience, the vibes, and the journey through a practice (without technical difficulties and lag!). But in times like this, we are adaptive and although it isn't fully my cup of tea, I hope to share a different online experience with you instead! (Plus I have really missed sharing yoga practice, and I just want to say a HUGE thank you to all the support, kind words,virtual big squishhee hugs, emotional support and encouragement I have received. It has inspired me to take this step!)

Start your week with me:


Hope that you can join me and enjoy these classes as much as I have missed teaching them! (Live classes will be recorded and available on Facebook live library.)

YouTube Classes

You can also schedule me into your day. Join me for a mindful session at your own pace. Have the freedom to do a class when you are free and to pause at any time. No one is watching so doesn't matter what you look like (as long as it feels good for you). Enjoy the sense of feeling connected to your own practice in short sessions on YouTube. Here is a breakdown of the sun salutations. One of my favourite 'go to's and warm up for a our classes!

Online Meditations

You can also join me for free weekly meditations on Soundcloud.

Park Yoga

I would really love to do yoga in real life, in real human form classes again (in the safety of COVID-19 guidelines). However yoga in the park will be weather dependent. If you are interested, please get in touch for more info -

I look forward to practising with you again!!

See you on the mat!

*** Please remember that yoga is an individual personal practice and that every time we come to practice we feel different. Be mindful and intuitive to your own body by taking the practice and variations at your own pace. Meet yourself where you are at on that given day. Please take care, as I am not physically with you, so it is your responsibility to listen to your body and take the class at your own pace.***

Classes are donation based so feel free to pay if you wish or just join anyway!


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