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Finding Our Feet

It has taken me a while to figure out what Goh Yoga is... From the lovely feedback over the years, both validating, confidence boosting, affirming and at the same time a bit confusing in which direction to go in.

Warrior 3 Pose overlooking a sunset
Warrior 3 Pose Overlooking a Sunset

One positive take away from the global COVID pandemic was social isolation; it gave me a lot of space to go inwards. It really helped me decide what it is I don't want to do anymore, what was burning me out and also (once taken away) what I absolutely must and LOVE to do!

Learning my 'niche' or reflecting upon what it is that lights me up in this field of work: the connection with people, community, the safety to be in our lived, human, embodied experience, the journeying inwards, discovering what Self is, the interwoven knowledge from ancient yoga wisdom, psychology and scientific research, spiritual practices, exploring depths of knowledge that seem 'weird' and wonderful. This is what I love, packaged in a compassionate space in the form of a yoga practice!

What makes you light up? Feel inspired and fuel a passionate fire?

The thing is, I could say all that and then doubt myself - it's hard not to people please, especially when it's so conditioned in us all socially, and especially in this field of work. It was hard to let go of classes that I loved and facilitated for years! The best advice I heard...

'The more you try to please everyone, you please no one and most importantly you let yourself down over and over again.'

I have slowed down and made space to fine tune ideas, long term dreams and short term goals. I feel, it is sooo important to have a vision of where you want to go, (having the safe container) to flow and be open minded in where that flow takes you!

I wish for you to also find that clarity (it has taken me 6 years so be patient with yourself. Everything aligns when it is meant to - or at least that what gives me peace)

What areas in your life are you looking for clarity?

Goh Yoga in a Forest
Goh Yoga in a Forest

Next chapter for me:

  • Completed Trauma Sensitive Yoga Course - YAAAY!

  • Morning Yoga & Meditation Classes will now be Trauma Sensitive facilitated, Book Here

  • Extremely grateful that I was accepted and offered a bursary onto the 100 hr Trauma Informed Yoga Course with Trauma Therapy Manchester . So EXCITED! Training is this September to December 2022

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