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Feeling All The Feels - Cancer Season

Feeling the feeeellllsss ♋🦀🌊

It is Cancer season, the star sign known for being caring, emotional, nurturing and an intuitive empathetic nature. Whether you believe in horoscopes or not, we all have emotions and all feel. Emotions are messengers to let us know what's going on in our internal landscape.

For me, it isn't a coincident that my emotions feel more intensified and how I feel more overwhelmed at the moment. When I feel overwhelmed with emotions, I find it can be helpful to sit with them in a logical manner (I know emotions aren't logical), as just sitting with emotions can be so overwhelming, confusing and scary.

I have found coping with, or sitting with emotions and it feel okay; it helps to have a bit of a plan. For me, it's important to have a safe container which can look like:

- Speaking with someone I trust and feel safe

- Listening to a guided meditation

- Moving my body

- Allowing myself to feel for specified time

- Journaling and thought dumping everything down

- To be be alone with my feelings and figure out what's going on in my internal world with an Emotional Walkabout by Bija Bennett.

An Emotional Walkabout is an 8 steps guide created by Bija Bennett. It is a self enquiry meditation (with journaling) allowing emotions to be the forefront to guide you through. The intention is freedom and discovering truth!

Love this journaling technique, that I kept sharing it with friends and ended up recording a workshop on it. I invite you to sit with your feelings, allow them to be, let them flow like the ocean-in waves, all in a safe container. We have to feel safe to surrender, to let go, to feel...

What do you do to hold a space for your feelings?

Free 8 Step Guide:

£10 Online Workshop - Journey to Feel:

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