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Evolving, Emotional Walkabouts

Mantra this week: “We are adaptable”

At the moment we are going through a global pandemic, we are evolving as human species. Normality is socialising, working, schooling, living, all in the space of your own home. On top of that we are in constant company, being around the same humans (family, partner, housemates) around the clock, every day! And as we go virtual, staying connected with our loved ones or working from home; our private spaces have become public. Managing our personal space and boundaries are more vital to our well-being more than ever!

Here I thought, yaass I've cracked lockdown life! Loving it! Faffing around leisurely, baking, writing, reading, walking, long meditations, feeling timeless; just flowing from one moment to the next with no busy schedule and doing aaaalllll the things I had on my lists to do! But there is only so much 'stuff’ that you can do … I soon got fed up, no matter how many times I told myself I was grateful for...

Last week was a roller-coaster of truths and epiphanies for me. After tuning into Ashley Turner’s resilience summit (which if you love chats on well-being, mindfulness, psychology, yoga – I definitely recommend looking out for her next one! ) it became clear as to how to put my feelings into words and inspired this blog post.

We are all (globally) in a strange normality that really shatters the illusion of what we have control over. Each day is so varying in our degrees of capability and capacity of success. Some days I am sooo productive finishing everything before midday and then other days I don’t get out of bed til after midday! It’s a time where we have been stripped bare of our social and (most of us) work commitments, where our normality has shifted. We have been stripped bare to our foundations, our core, our home (literally confined in our homes too). That ‘busy-ness’ that usually distracts us, doesn't. We have all this space and time. So we are left naked to just exist, just to be. Our truths are spilling out or pressing forward as we have no distractions to ignore or push them away.

For me, I started to see the cracks in which for years I have pasted over with social commitments. Keeping busy was how I coped and put aside what I didn’t want to hear (had no time for it). Recently, my truths were pouring out since I’ve had literally nothing to do, but to listen to myself. There is a sense of peacefulness when we actually accept ourselves, the bad and the good; listening to our truths without judgement.

Learning How to Self Soothe

Without our usual go to’s (going out, sitting in a café, seeing a friend, going to a class), being able to gratify, soothe or ground ourselves in our own space can be a useful tool, and life lesson we may learn during lockdown.

When feeling overwhelmed, anxious, how can we teach ourselves ‘just to be’ or sit with our emotions?

1. Ground yourself through your senses – Take a moment, what do see, what do you smell, what can you feel, what can you hear (close by and as far as your ear can hear)

2. Take a deep breath in and out, watch your breath for a moment

3. Do a meditation – Grounding Meditation

4. Go for a walk - Physically connecting to your body. Get some fresh air and just soak in your surroundings.

5. Emotional Walkabout - A walk emotionally and mentally.

Emotional Walkabout

Personally I find sitting with my own emotions, too overwhelming, it just gets a bit ‘wallowey’ for me and then I get stuck. My coping method at the moment can’t accept ‘I’m just feeling’, I need the ‘and’, the ‘why’ and the ‘because’ to allow me to accept and move on. (Everyone is different; I am just sharing what I have found helpful). I find an emotional walkabout a great release, a sense of realisation and clarity.

An 8 steps guide: a self enquiry meditation allowing emotions to be the forefront to guide you through. The intention is freedom and discovering truth. Free to explore, connect to yourself, trust your instincts, to free yourself, to discover and allow yourself change. There is no wrong or right way....

The full guide is written by Bija Bennett:

We are adaptive. How quickly have we adapted to this global pandemic!

Now can be an opportunity, a window of transformation. If we choose to take it. Allow yourself to see your own truths, to face and not avoid, to change the habitual routine (as it might not be working for you right now). What distractions are you hiding behind? We are a lot of things and adaptable is one!

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