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A Year later...

It has nearly been a year since Covid-19 started to affect the UK, (I remember, feeling it was so far away... offices started to work from home, in person classes were rapidly declining and for me a deep rooted sense of worry settling...).

"Identify what you can control and what you can't. And accept it. Embrace the things that are truly within your grasp."

This advice has guided me and has been my mantra for nearly a whole year - learn to let go of what you can't control.

We can all probably agree that the in-person to online experience is not comparable! I often daydream about the day I can see friends and invite them in for a cup of tea, give my friends and even strangers a big squishee hug with no guilt and full heart to heart connection!! What makes this longing easier is that it is just not time yet. So as I look forward to the day of 'normality' I also, at the same time accept this truth. It has given me the mind space to see what is in front of me and what I can truly control/give purpose to/serve. It has allowed me to be present to face and embrace what is in front of me; it has given me peace (not to say it was easy).

This past year I have learnt a lot about compassion (and still learning), the importance of holding open, safe, vulnerable spaces for myself and others (even virtually - it still works). It led me on a journey of deep self inner work and I began to full embrace the online transition of my business. Since then I have loved teaching online, connecting to those who don't physically live in Manchester too, loved the purpose and a sense of routine in my day, creatively found ways to fulfil my social needs, collaborated with other amazing small businesses (YAY IWD prize giveaway- next week!). I stopped feeling defeated and annoyed - if you're in this space 💜 I feel you and hope that you find peace in in your truth. I opened myself up to the freedom, lessons, choice of what I can do, and what I do have and what is right in front of me. Sometimes less is more and I have noticed that I can give my full presence with with less things scheduled in my day. I couldn't have done all of this without the loving support and connection of the beautiful people in my life. Connection is such a huge part of being human. So I reach out to you...

How are you? 💜

How are you getting on... everyday is different and even if its only intellectually knowing - that this will pass, that you can start everyday with a fresh new start. Let that be enough. Some days breathing and existing is just enough and other days its buzzing about with all the creativity, sunshine on your face, dancing to a jammy playlist...

I am offering space for you the only way I know how - through yoga and meditation. If this resonates with you feel free to get in touch and if you're not in a position to pay please do get in touch 💜🙏


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