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Through Gemin-Eyes

In these current times and with all this free time, we wish to share words of positivity and good vibes!

A note from Rosanne –

I started this blog because I had a lot of things to write about. I wanted to share interesting topics of conversation and moments of epiphany that create valuable conversation. To encourage reflection and cultivate self-awareness in both myself and any readers. I wanted to share my passion for yoga and the lessons I learn as I continue to experience the world. However, I have found that it is sometimes challenging to find the time to write my thoughts down concisely and clearly. So, I approached a good friend of mine to embark on one of my favorite things! You guessed it! A brand spanking new collaboration. Those of you who know me know that I LOVE a collaboration. My most recent collaboration was with my sister and her amazing illustrations. I am excited to announce that my next collaboration is with my gurl who literally sparkles so much fun, life and joy into my life! I met her at Ziferblat, a space in which I ran a yoga class for many years. With great sadness I recently ended my class there. But when one door closes another door opens, and we came together to write this blog. She’s a brilliant writer with such an abundance of information, ideas, opinions and thoughts, I just love our never-ending chats. We decided to combine our talents together whilst we get all of our thoughts down and share it with you! Join us in our new monthly blog created to explore, be curious, Inquisitive and to share our discussions. A note from Kate – Knowing Rosanne has been invaluable to me. She harbors an essence of tranquility balanced with a captivating power that involuntarily places the words ‘YAS’ and ‘QUEEN’ on the tip of your tongue, ready to blurt out at any moment as you aggressively clap your hands in support of everything she does or says. When she approached me to write with her, I jumped at the idea. She does Reiki sessions for me so I was excited to be able to give back to her in a way that was more valuable than charred garlic broccoli and hummus (side note - delish combo, would 100% recommend to a friend). I too, am a fan on collaborating. The union of people and their ideas, skills and creativity is such a powerful catalyst for provoking thought, beauty, and instigating change. I hope that our explorations are as valuable to you guys as they are to me! Through Gemin-Eyes Calling all curious minds and spiritual souls! Those who are trying to figure it all out and those who are simply trying to get through the day without breaking something! Welcome to our collaborative blog ‘Through Gemin-eyes’! We want to invite you on our journey of discovery as we chat about interesting topics, probing for epiphany. We are simply two scattered Gemini’s exploring our thoughts and the way that we navigate the world so that we can be our highest, truest and happiest selves. If that sounds good to you, please do join our discussions, don’t be shy, we are all in this together! Since our paths first crossed, we have been entering into great conversations together. We support each other as we spend time navigating our way through challenges and observations. We find that we value one another’s openness and curiosity. Although there are a myriad of things that make us wildly different from one another, we recognize an undeniable duality between us in the way that we navigate our thoughts, new challenges, the spaces around us and our spirituality. We figured that there must be way more people who are like us out there, so, we have come together in this blog to document and publish our conversations. As we continue to help each other to grow, we invite you to grow with us too! Bring your thinking caps guys, it truly is wild out there. Kate and Rosanne (Through Gemin-Eyes)

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