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Just Be

"The only constant is change."

I have decided to take myself off the overwhelming fake news and conversations on social media. (You will probably still see me popping in every now and then :) sharing useful resources) Taking a healthy step back allowing myself to be present, with my family, to flow with the uncertainty for its creative potential and just be!

Challenging it may be, (tides of change, feeling no purpose without a routine) I am finding I now have time. Time for all the things I have neglected, (including my own practice and internal growth) so I will refocuse my energy inwards instead of outwards, going with the flow instead of controlling things I can not.

Hope that you are all well, finding what gives you peace of mind and enjoying the sunshine, focusing on what we have and the potential of what we can do!

I also wanted to share with you the resources that I am using to keep myself sane haha! "Hope and fear cannot occupy the same space. Invite one to stay." - Oprah Winfrey


  • "Hope in uncertain times" Loved and needed to hear this message this morning. You'll need to create a log in for this free 21 day meditation ( )

  • Short free meditation on my soundcloud account : Goh Yoga Free Meditations (

  • Free daily meditation with Wil at 7am and Wil and Nat offering yoga and pilates on Zoom @openmindedfitnessgroup check out Facebook group (Classes by donations)

  • My good friend Gouri started her Youtube channel offering meditation for adults and children. @Lalki (

  • Free live yoga session at 7pm with Matt Ryan on Zoom app - Meeting number 293 442 5773

  • Online free yoga classes on Instagram with @kayyahanahealth @ready_yoga_one @shanthiyogamcr @withintuition

  • Lift Learn and Burn are offering a supportive online community, a weekly schedule of fitness classes, online fun activities, motivation and support.

  • Amazon prime has 30 day yoga challenges​​

Limited in my options (home space wise) to share practice with you. I will be recording meditations, be available for 1 to 1 meditations and I will be more active on my blog - collaborating with a wonderful friend (Kate) to share some positivity and words of good vibes!

In these challenging and uncertain times, May you find peace May you be healthy May you be happy May you find hope May you find kindness and compassion May you act responsible in working together to help a quick recovery changing the tides of this COVID19 pandemic

Take care x

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