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We Rise By Lifting Others


"We rise by lifting others" . Art Work by

Love this cute artwork created by my sister and the message it sends! For those that know me, know that I love to share... share my passion for yoga and its benefits, overshare my thoughts, share my food (bit of a feeder), share and support people's passions and talents, bringing like minded people together; LOVE A GOOD COLLABORATION!!

This quote really resonates with me, so I thought I would share my thoughts on it!

Positivity feeds for more positivity




What we input is what we will get out




I love how the yoga community is so welcoming, kind, supportive and warm. The warm sense of community of sharing is so uplifting; both motivating and allows everyone to grow and thrive!! I am so forever grateful for Szilvia (Yoga & Sound) for being my nurturing yoga mum when I first started out, and all those that have supported me along this yoga teacher path!

Like most graduates, stuck in an academic mindset of competing, getting the best grades for the best schools, top end jobs; always striving, maybe even selfishly sabotaging others to get to the top! I became demotivated... is this how real life works... this is what the outside of my inner circle looks like?? I mean, luckily I escaped that, it wasn't my scene; because I always understood the more I helped my peers, I also benefited too (by I consolidating my understanding of the content too)! However, I do see students, adults in stressful jobs, everyone really, get consumed and their mental well-being take a hit. All you can do is your best!!

It was so refreshing to witness this share culture outside my family/friendship circle; the yoga community. An uplifting experience to share what I love doing, adopt a share culture/mentality to my outer circle too! When we help others rise, share knowledge and empower others it has a domino effect of both empowering and educating others and ourselves! The more I share yoga, the more self aware and more mindful people become (I hope) !

Mental health is just as important as our physical health. If you're into "new year new me", a fresh start. GREAT, I always welcome personal development; inner engineering a friend calls it! Try this diet:

"The Elimination Diet:

Remove anger, regret, worry, resentment, guilt, and blame.

Then watch your health and life improve."

- Charles F. Glassman

Annnddd... Why not try sharing your thoughts? I am so proud to share this!! One of my students has set up a platform to "share your worries", share your thoughts on issues, to speak kindly, supportively and freely in a discursive anonymous forum board.

Go check it out on

"There’s never been a truer saying than a problem shared is a problem halved. That’s why we’ve created Share Your Worries - a place for you to share anything that's on your mind.

Share Your Worries is a place for you to share what's on your mind. A forum that enables you to discuss how you're feeling and support others through their worries."

And just to finish this post off... Always be kind to yourself especially in your thoughts as you spend the most time with yourself! Always take a moment to be grateful... I am so so so grateful for the wonderful people that I am surrounded by, that share their passions and expertise, their love for yoga, that uplift me through their kind words and support!! So very very grateful <3 thank you for listening.

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