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I am Grateful for...

...every experience and opportunity that has led to this this very moment.

Recently, I have been so busy with the Manchester4Water project (a platform to exchange skills and fundraise money for WaterAid - check out FB page). Leading up to this gig, feeling scattered, stressed and nervous; event planning takes alot of out of a person!! Even on the actual night, instead of giving power to the stresses and being annoyed about people flaking and being unreliable (things we have no control over). I gave mindspace to gratitude. Gratitude anchored me to the present. Every time I was stressed or felt scattered, I reminded myself of why I am doing this, why I am here, why I am grateful for this opportunity, this chance to meet and work with these incredible people! The gig was a success and what an inspiring night!! The night encaptured everything that 4Water is about- sharing passions, creating communities and changing lives! That whole heartedly feeling of I am here today because of all the opportunities and experience that have led me to this very moment in time.

So, inspired by the amazing, creative talent from that night, I wrote a poem:

Refocus your mind

Take your time

Grateful and full of heart

Its a start.

Surrender, breath as a guide

Smile and rise

Mood lift

Mind space

Create a perspective shift

Find peace, find grace

Today I am grateful

Grateful for today.

What are you grateful for today?

Next Manchester4Water event will bea Yoga workshop. Sharing Yoga4Water on 10th Nov, 10:30 am at Ziferblat Edge St. Hope to see you there!

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