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Stop It ...

… Overthinking… Oversharing… Word Vomiting…

I definitely overthink way too much… but doesn’t everyone? When someone tells me not to overthink… I automatically think more… don’t look.. oops already did…

…I feel I waffle and overshare all the time, worry that I said too much, or whose gonna read that waffle on my Instagram post! A wonderful friend of mine reminded me: what is oversharing? … All you’re doing is sharing, those that will listen, will listen… so don’t bottle it up. Share what you have to say, don’t be afraid to create conversation.

I have been really looking forward to writing up a post for World Mental Health day… how yoga helps with dealing with stress, anxiety, a busy mind…a chance to express #yogaoffthemat, share my passion for emotional intelligence, self-care, mindfulness… but because I have over thought what to write, I just can't get my thoughts down coherently... I am finding it difficult to get anything down…the ‘right’ message.

But there is no right or wrong… Always reminding myself and my students to slow down, breaaathhheee, just be in the present, rather than thinking of where we should be next (creating that anxiety). The thought of writing this post made me feel anxious, the deadline was looming…need to post it on world mental health day! But ... Every day is mental health awareness day! It just needed to remind myself of my intentions; I use these platforms as a voice, to share what I hope helps people, physically, mentally, emotional. A platform to create conversations, build communities, to express creativity, to share my thoughts and passion for personal growth, to express the holistic benefits of yoga.

Sometimes we need to be reminded that we are not the only ones and that we are human… Even as a yoga teacher… yes I get anxiety, I get stressed, I get angry. I am human and yoga helps me deal with those overwhelming thoughts and emotions; reminding myself that I am the observer, I am not my emotions or thoughts.

“You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” – Healthy Place

Mindfulness comes from any moment we are sat with our own thoughts.... is it that hard to listen to ourselves and if yes why?? What are we afraid of hearing?

Taking the time to self-enquire is healthy. Being able to acknowledge where you’re at (self-awareness) is a skill that helps us to emotionally heal. Would you ignore and keep busy if you broke your leg-NOOO !! If you do – why??? Listen to your poor, broken body!!

Mental health is just as important as your physical health. What most people don't realise is that our mental state, our physical and emotional well-being are all connected. If we have alot of things to do, a never ending ticklist (mental) we can burn out, we have no energy (physically) and we feel stressed, drained or unmotivated (emotional).

When we don't give back to ourselves, whether that is rest, social time, not working, netflix-ing, yoga or a weekend away; we don’t give ourselves that time to recharge. Leading to feeling unmotivated, exhausted, stressed, low, scattered, annoyed, impatient, reclusive. These are all completely normal, it is completely valid. A cause and effect.

"It too, shall pass" - Anonymous

If you haven’t already met me in person, I’m generally a happy person. I would say that I am ‘strong minded’ in that I just get on and try not to let things 'bring me down'. I find sad things happen but I try not give power to it, I give power to what I am grateful for instead. However, that is not to say when I am sad I am 'weak' but its definitely harder to find motivation.

When my grandma passed away last year, it was too much to ‘just keep busy’, burying as I go along; suppressing. I wasn’t diagnosed but from talking and sharing my feelings with my closest friends and family, I realised I was depressed. I felt nothing, I felt numb, I was just going through each day and letting each day and each week run me. I didn't feel in control, I woke up each day wishing for the day to be over and for the day to come where I didn’t feel like this. I wasn’t present, I wished time away (as if time wasn't already speeding past), I kept so busy. It was too much. I wasn't acknowledging my mental well-being. I buried my emotions which denied me the chance to understand what I was going through, to accept the grievance and loss; to let go. It was difficult, but with practice (like any skill) I was able to listen to myself. I never thought that I would get depressed, but it can happen to anyone, we are human. It is healthy to be able to experience all emotions- it allows us to be better empaths.

“Either you run the day or the day runs you.”- Jim Rohn

Yoga has given me insight that we can be aware and be present. We are not our emotions or thoughts, we are the observer behind those feelings and thoughts. Being human is to experience all the thoughts and emotions like we experience everyday life. Yoga is about being mindful both on and off the mat. Self awareness, self acceptance, self compassion. When we practice these, we can be a better version of ourselves; which in turn allows us to be the best person for the ones we love. I am not saying I really understand mental health ... I am learning, listening, talking about my feelings, on the journey to understand emotional intelligence.

Emotional Walkabout

A method that really helps me; an emotional walkabout. A logical step by step guide, following your emotions and feelings; allowing them to guide you. It is a self enquiry meditation by Bija Bennett. Just allowing yourself to be, to wander, to acknowledge anything that comes up even if it doesn’t feel related. The goal is emotional freedom; to explore, to free yourself, gain emotional confidence, to discover, to allow yourself to change. To try an emotional walkabout, click the link below:

When we get fixated on a thought or problem, we can get overwhelmed that it seems impossible to fix, solve or make it right. It may seem like one big problem, but if we can follow a step by step guide to break it down, we may find that it is just lots of little problems. Now we can listen more clearly, understand and solve one problem at a time.

This month I have been taking part in the Bind for MIND yoga challenge/fundraiser with Nuffield Health Didsbury in support of MIND charity. The club has recently launched its CBT program and throughout the month they have been promoting mental well-being through holistic classes and on social media. Nuffield yogis have got on board to post a new bind pose each week! Get involved by trying the yoga challenge poses, post your bind pose, share your thoughts on mental health, your experience, create conversation, donate money to MIND or come along to a class. We would love to hear about it!

You can join me on the 25th Oct, I will be hosting a Singing Bowl meditation to fundraise money for MIND, Click on link below for more details.

"In a world where you can be anything. Be kind"- Anonymous

I am so forever grateful for the support system that I have; my beautiful friends, family and yogis I practice with! I have learnt, I am not the only one, sharing is caring (goes both ways), when you share with someone you trust, it allows you to be free from it, create stronger bonds and those who love you are more than happy to listen.

(YAAAS- my inner Uni student is still trained to perform under the pressure of a midnight deadline…Essay submitted!)

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