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I Embrace Everything I Am Today

"I embrace everything that I am today"

Today’s blog is inspired by a meditation session with a good friend of mine Julia and an after class chat with my Monday Nuffield yogis.

This week I wanted to share practicing self-acceptance. I love this intention that Julia shared with me. To just simply be. To embrace whatever it is that you may feel today. Check in physically, mentally and emotionally – whatever you feel presently, accept it and allow yourself to be with it.

You will always find yourself making excuses when you don’t want to do something. Otherwise you would have done it already. Instead of making excuses, or battling against your sleep deprived body telling yourself you need to do more, or smashing out a workout sessions when your ill or injured, or feeling grumpy and being told not to be grumpy when all you want to be is, on your own! Just do you! It is okay to feel out of character. We are human! Rest, recover, take some “me time”! That short productive break will do you wonders to feel more inspired, creative, social, recharge, healed - more YOU!

Last week, I was felt exhausted, drained, in and out of grumpy spells, annoyed that I kept getting migraines and just impatient of all kinds... I felt very un-yogi like... but I am not a 24/7 floating zen-meditating master! I am generally a positive, happy person and I am human. So, yes I also get sad, annoyed and angry too! I just needed to remind myself that... I accept everything that I am feeling today and that when I need rest, to rest! One of the most beautiful things about being human is that we have access to feel all the ranges of emotions. That to be human is to feel both the good with the bad.

I felt 'un-yogi' like... Again I just needed reminding that practicing yoga off the mat is practicing self awareness and self acceptance. So, when I am feeling grumpy, I choose not to let it consume me. I am aware and accept that I am grumpy, what the cause is and what steps to take; either sit with my grump alone, rant it out to a trusted friend or hahah just eat some food (everyone gets hangry). It is the awareness and the choice to not let your emotions consume and control you so that you don't end up taking it out on someone else. That is what being a yogi off the mat means to me. To be aware, to be mindful and to be free from being controlled by emotions.

So I invite you to set the intention… “I embrace everything that I am today”

Why not try a 'setting intention' meditation too with the following intention:

" I embrace everything that I am today. Allow me to be everything that I am presently...not to let it control me...just to be with it and be mindful that if I am *insert whatever you feel* to do something/nothing and not to take it out on others. This awareness allows you to choose... instead of being a slave to that overwhelming thought, emotion, stress or anxiety."

Remember to do you, do yoga. Embrace everything that you are today <3

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