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Fold and Flip it

What I love most about yoga is the time to observe and explore; body - mind awareness and maintenance. Yoga is more than just a physical practice on the mat. It is a personal practice of well-being both on and off the mat.

I always like to emphasise that yoga is a personal practice; a time to check-in physically, mentally and emotionally. How you feel in a pose as you are the one practicing. Through mindful, breath synchronised movements, we encourage relaxation, body and mind awareness, strength, flexibility, balance and inner harmony. We cultivate a deep sense of connecting to the present, accepting that our bodies are different (to others but also individually each day), to nurture ourselves, to learn patience; and to translate these lessons off the mat too!

Here is a 'fold and flip it' sequence to really tune in explore a different perspective of the same body shape/similar pose. '' same same but different''

  • Take your time in each pose – breath in deeply, exhale slowly to deepen the fold.

  • Check in - where are you holding tension? Where can you let go of to allow yourself to go deeper in to the pose?

  • Be kind to your body and never force yourself - make sure when you are in a pose that you can breathe slow and steady.

  • Don’t suffocate your body – breaaathhhee ...

  • Be patient, it will take time. On any given day, you may feel flexible and bendy, another day full of energy and strong. Every day is different, so its okay if you can’t get to where you did last time, breathe and take your time.

  • Accept that your body changes - be kind and patient with yourself.


- Forward Fold - Flip it -

- One- legged Forward Fold - Flip it - (do both sides)

- Bound Angle - Flip it -

- Forward Fold - Flip it to Plough Pose variation -

Let me know how they go - Fold and Flip it !

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