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Setting Intentions

“Freedom is not the absence of commitments, but the ability to choose – and commit myself to – what is best for me.”

- Paulo Coelho

You always have a choice. Choose what space you want to be in; mentally, physically and emotionally. When we are swamped in the depth of our emotions or logic, it is sometimes hard to see what choice we have, if any. If we choose to do things that make us happy then we will feel happy. If we choose to swamp our mindset with guilt or do things that make us feel crap... then of course we will feel crap! I wanted to share with you how I choose to start my day with an intent and how it has massively helped me with staying positive, productive and grounded.

My daily promise to myself is to wake up and drink 500 ml of water, then to do at least 10 minutes of either yoga or meditation. This morning ritual allows me to; first wake up hydrated, shake off any bad dreams, tune in, connect with my mind, body and breath. I arrive into my mornings. This routine is especially important on the days when I wake up feeling full of anxiety and not sure why. I still drag myself on to my mat, flow (groggily) through some sun salutations and then sit still to breathe…Deep breath in... deep breath out... inhale observing cool sensations... exhale observe warm sensations... I thank myself for it, It really does work. I acknowledge what space I am in... How am I feeling? Breeaathhhhheeeee... let go, reset... What space do I want to be in today? Setting the pretense of my day.

Here is a short 13 minute Setting Intentions Meditation

The new moon is on 17th March. This is a perfect time, a powerful opportunity to reflect over what doesn’t serve you anymore. Let go of what isn’t working, let go of what is stressing you out, let go of anything that is holding you back.

What is best for me?

Be free and free up space for new comings, moving forward, aligning with a clear vision of what you would like to invite into your life, to set intentions, and to step into positive new beginnings.

Setting an intent before doing anything is so powerful. Get your mindset and heart invested before you start anything… not only in life goals. It could be simply cooking for someone, going into a meeting, meeting up with a friend, setting the intent of a class... Whatever it is, what do you want to convey? What is the intent behind your actions, your words? When you simply say "hi, how are you?" are you meaning it? These small intentions go a long way.

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