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Struggling to Sleep?

Do you struggle to get a good nights rest? Feeling wide awake as soon as your head finds the pillow??

I admit that I struggle to quiet the mind, especially once it's bed time (even though 10 minutes ago, struggling to brush my teeth - half falling asleep - then *ping* WIDE AWAKE). Or sometimes feeling so wired from an eventful day that I can't relax. My eyes are closed but mind is buzzing, either excited by the days events or worrying about the to do list for the next day, the day after and then suddenly remembering all the things I had forgotten to do - then adding them on the to do list!

I once mastered the art of falling asleep anywhere! But I think that was probably due to exhaustion and jet lag... but I did manage to fall asleep anywhere... haha even whilst standing in a queue waiting for Splash Mountain, Disneyland Tokyo!

In this blog, I want to share with you a tool that has always helped me wind down for relaxation; whether that is for meditation, anxiety or stress relief. Mainly I use it when I can't fall asleep. A mental body scan with the breath. You can do this anywhere, mentally observing the body.

Upon request, (getting over the cringe of my own voice) I have recorded a guided meditation to help you wind down and relax for deep sleep. (Please find links below) I hope that it helps you unwind for deep relaxation. Feel free to comment below or email me, I would love to hear your thoughts, feedback, did it help you wind down?

And REMEMBER, you can't force yourself to sleep. You must surrender to it.


Happy Sleeping !!

If you enjoyed this short relaxation clip, imagine this but for a whole hour with the harmonies of Tibetan Singing Bowls. Join me for Yoga nidra, the yoga for deep relaxation and deep nourished rest. Every Thursday, except last Thursday of the month.

Any queries email me on (Booking is essential)

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