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Who am I?

A question we all reflect over.

Who Am I?

Yoga teacher… Graduate Master of Chemistry… Chinese… British… Yoga student… 25 years old female… Gemini... Lazy vegetarian… Food lover… Deep over-thinker… Part-time extrovert... talkative small person ... Weird older sister… Passionate traveler… Free spirit… Rosanne Goh.

Goh Yoga

Some answers that spring to mind when I’m described or probed with the 'So, what do you do?', 'Are you a vegan?', 'Where are you from (but where are you really from…)?

I am full believer of manifesting your own reality. Seeing life through a lens that you chose to look through. I am very grateful for the life that I have created and get to live! As far back as I can remember, I have always had a curious mind. From wondering what life was like in the 'olden days', to being inquisitive of the people I'd meet and to dreaming of other lives on distant stars and universes!

Feeling always drawn and curious of other cultures, especially Asia (maybe because of my heritage); I wanted to explore other countries. It began with Brazil (Global Fellowship-my first adventure), I met the most inspirational people and had such an influential experience which shaped the beginning of my adult life. After such a eye-opening experience with the Global Fellowship, naturally a dip was to follow! After a soul draining year of working, feeling lost kind of year, I needed my brain to be challenged again; so I chose the university life - studying Chemistry. The year out made me really appreciate being back in education and it led me to living in Singapore (best year of my liiiiifeee!!! - also where I taught my first unofficial yoga class) and backpacking around South East Asia! I have graduated with a Masters in Chemistry and now fulfilling a dream to share what I love. (I feel like I’m writing a personal statement…) The point I’m trying to make (and hopefully not coming across as bragging) is that I feel very grateful for a fruitful life. I dream, believe, and then make it happen. I am all about self-empowerment and knowing your worth. Own it, don't bury it with modesty or self doubt! These new years always bring out a time of reflection.

A happy yogi, also human; so naturally I do often feel lost and inadequate with the anxiety of not feeling accomplished in that I haven’t got a ‘steady career’ or a future life plan or savings for a mortgage. But humbly, I am grateful, with no regrets that I am who I am today through the collection of all my experiences- the good and the bad. I want to share that one of my biggest influences that has led me on this path, to strive and inspire me to be the best person that I can be has been yoga. So this is me. (More about my yoga story - About Me page)

So I begin this blog to share with you my passion for living and love for yoga. Yoga is for everyone. I want to make it accessible, to share, to experience with you self-empowerment, mindful practice, progress, self-awareness, moments of pure joy and being in the present. Let this be an interactive, creative platform to share ideas, tools, lessons and discussion.

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