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This was designed and inspired by my logo. MelissaGohArt & I created this to help you track your daily habits for the year (you can start anytime of the year).


For example, you could track habits; e.g. 3 min meditation everyday, drinking 2L of water, reading x pages or turn it into a mood tracker (make a colour coded key) - See examples in the photos for ideas...


Read my blog to know more about creating a sustainable self care habit:


Please note, this is for personal use only and not to be distributed. You can make an enquiry and ask Rosanne's permission for any use other than personal use. 


You can get a free print when attending to in-person classes or workshops. 

Goh Yoga - Daily Habit Tracker

  • This will be a downloadable content, which you can print/ use digitally for your own personal use as many times as you like.

  • No refund or exchanges once purchased.

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