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Yoga is movement with intention and breath. Join me on the mat in the comfort of your own home!


Online Yoga sessions are available via  Zoom, Facebook Group and YouTube.

Please see below for more details. If you are not in a position to pay for classes please get in touch or find a library of recorded classes in my Facebook Group.

Personal virtual 1-1s are available upon request. Please get in touch.

Free meditations are available on Soundcloud and YouTube



9:30 Morning Yoga *

1 hr , Zoom, £6

A full hour of indulgent mindful movement with weekly intentions to set you up for your week ahead. This practice is led by the breath to engage with present through your mind and body - feeling more connected and centred.

12:00  Lunchtime Yoga Flow *

30 mins, Zoom, £4

30 mins of mindful movement flowing in time with your own pace of breath. Feel free to stay and join the meditation afterwards.

20:00 Yin Yoga 

1 hr , Zoom, £6

A practice of mindfulness, a more introspective, meditative style of yoga. In Yin yoga we mindfully slow down to become more intuitive to our bodies, gently finding our limits, finding stillness and inner peace. Please note, the use of props is useful in 'finding our edge', so please bring pillows, blankets, blocks (or hardback book), bolsters with you. Camera is always optional.

* ​Temporary classes - These additional classes are added during lockdown. For Zoom class links please book here.



12:00 Lunchtime Yoga 

30 mins, Zoom, £4

An express class for those on their lunch break looking for some movement, stretch & flow!


18:30 Hatha Flow

1 hr , Zoom, £6

Awaken and nourish your body through this flowing, rejuvenating stronger practice. We'll focus on mindful movement for strength, movement with breath for mobility, and balances for fun! (Aimed for those who have practiced yoga before)

20:00 Relaxation 

45 mins, Zoom, £5

45 mins of relaxation to wind down into your evening through mindfulness, embodiment and meditation. We arrive in our body with some gentle restorative poses and I guide you to relax through meditation and a soundscape of Tibetan Singing Bowls and chimes. Please bring blankets and pillows to get as comfortable as possible - you can even practice this in bed! All levels welcome. Camera is always optional.


 ll Payment ll

Individual classes can be booked here.

Monthly memberships are now available, starting at only £15 a month. Please note, prices quoted are per household.

Click here for price plans or feel free to get in touch for more information at Goh_Yoga@hotmail.com

ll Health and Safety ll

It is important for me to know a few things about you before we begin (this will help me maximise your experience throughout our classes), so please take the time to fill out this short yoga medical waiver form before you partake in t class. 

Yoga medical waiver

*** Please remember that yoga is an individual personal practice and that every time we come to practice we feel different. Be mindful and intuitive to your own body by taking the practice and variations at your own pace. Meet yourself where you are at on that given day. Please take care, as I am not physically with you, so it is your responsibility to listen to your body and take the class at your own pace.***

Yoga Videos

Join me in the comfort of your own home. Where yoga sessions are led mindfully at your own pace. Have the freedom to do the class when you are free and to pause at any time. No one is watching so doesn't matter what you look like. Enjoy the sense of feeling connected to your body, the present through mind, body and breath. 

As well as offering live online classes, I am offering a 15 day yoga challenge. Dedicate 15 minutes of your day for 15 days to get moving, practise mindfulness and set yourself up for feeling good in your body. A combination of styles will be offered; hatha, yin, yoga nidra, relaxation and sound meditation. Each day I invite you to arrive, be mindful, be present, connect, learn, release and relax.

To join, please subscribe to my YouTube channel to receive daily practice from the 15th January. 

See you on the Mat!

Meditations Online

You can join me for weekly free meditations on Soundcloud.

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