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Journal to Self


1 hr Workshop Includes: - Guided arrival meditation - Guided prompts to create your journal from scratch - Reflective questions to journal about - Journal templates & prompts This journaling workshop is intended to share a practice that helps organise, honour your feelings and thoughts, visualise your life and create self care habits and routines. A journey to yourself, the more you get to know yourself the more you will be able to put into plan and embody what it is you have intended/visions/ dream of! The importance of your relationship with yourself is your foundations so it should be first and foremost a top priority - but in reality we usually put ourselves on last priority. This 1 hr workshop is dedicated to you! If you are looking to start journaling, to incorporate it into your daily life - learn how to in this workshop or are looking for ways to revamp and get ideas for your journaling practice. Join me in starting to become more curious about your relationship with yourself!

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